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Lord I love you, You are my strength, my salvation
Jesus saves me completely, giving me wisdom, mercy, grace and understanding
I stand amazed Lord, You Father, give me direction for living
Jesus brings me close, Christ is my connection to You, In Him is the victory
He shed His blood for me, He paid the price for my forgiveness
In Jesus I have freedom, I can choose my way and you guide me Lord

We reason by the heart and reason doesn’t know what the heart reasons
You Lord are my Rock, you are lasting, standing upon you I can see ahead
The horizon is no longer obscured for I see hope, and joy and peace and victory
The Lord is my fortress, there is safety in YOU
Now my life is protected, I am not alone for you are always with me
Jesus is my deliverer, I am personally connected with Him and the Father
The outcome of my life is assured, Jesus is with me for me and in me
Praise the Lord I belong to Him and he belongs to me
He is my God, I count, He gives me value, I have a plan for my life
The Lord knows my name, my activities, nothing I do is hidden from Him

My confidence in Jesus is an expression of spiritual truths
I belong to the Lord, my life has meaning, I am His ambassador
Jesus is my elder brother, today is of utmost importance to God
Every moment of my life is dear to Him, what I do, what I say
In Jesus every step we take is on our journey of victory
I am able, He will equip me, keep growing, keep learning
Let the Lord God work out His victory in everything I do
In Jesus we have His imagination at work in us, He gives us understanding

Call upon the Lord, right now shout to Jesus
He is listening, we can praise Him for He is worthy of all of our praise
We can rejoice in Him for His plans for us are great and wonderful
Claim His peace, call out to Him, Lord I need you
Praise Him again and again, with every breath praise Him
Our victory is assured, Jesus is the victor
The battle is won by Jesus the PERFECT SAVIOR, WARRIOR OF GOD
The Servant of the Lord is our Savior, Praise His name He is Lord

Clay Corvin August 29, 2015


HIS claim unchanged – preserve justice and do righteousness
OUR claim unchanged- we do what we want when we want to do it
We subrogate God’s manifest demands
Inserting worship attendance and denominational purity
Look at us doing HIS will
We argue who is most pure – who is most correct – the Temple over all else

Isaiah declares Israel’s deviation – their transgressions
Israel loved religious practice – they learned nothing in the exile
They like us were active in reminding God what HE owed them
Look how pure our worship is – Why would you send tragedy upon us
The World and its ways are horrible – YET we stand before you properly pure
Our lifestyle reeks of sin – we lie cheat and steal, quarrel, gossip, self centered
Hooray for me and to heck with you – self proclaimed, needy ignored, no morality
God cannot stand to be in our presence- foolish people that never learn
Always admonishing others when we ourselves are desperately in need of forgiveness
We cannot hide our hearts or our actions from the Lord – Jesus calls us – change

The Lord isn’t paying attention to us – our religious practice is ungodly
We ignore the widow, the orphan and the poor – We demand life on our terms
Serving God, living the righteous life isn’t a CAFETERIA LINE
We are a nation whose hands are defiled with the blood of abortion
Liars prosper even in the church – pastors are corporate executives – living the high life
Tithing is old school – we live our lives without concern for the poor or lost
Jesus demands truth and honesty – we call evil good and good evil
A pastor preaches the Word and we decamp him – searching for someone to tickle our ears
With our feet we follow Jesus – with our feet we run from sin
If there is something lacking in our righteous walk – we have walked away from God

Yet Jesus loves us – while we were dead in our sin Jesus died for us – His love complete
Salvation is provided by the Lord – HE is able to save us – to save us completely, eternally
He will forgive us – He will equip us – He will walk with us
Isaiah said He will forgive – He will forgive you
There is salvation in no one else – Jesus saves – Jesus saves

Clay Corvin – August 8, 2015



We follow Jesus, looking for His wisdom, mercy, grace and understanding
Seeking to have a mind like His, surrendered and committed to doing the Father’s will
Holy Spirit indwelling us, giving us what we need and cannot earn
His guidance, our forgiveness, Father Son and Holy Spirit ONE
Attitude check – Jesus is Lord- Remember this every minute of every day

God has a plan, His plan includes you, but you must choose to be part of it
Daily building your relationship with Jesus, by prayer and His Word
What we do counts, we can choose to be free from sin, it cannot control us
Jesus gives us the choice to walk away from sin, we are the one that must do that
Asking Him for forgiveness and strength and His control of our life

People count with Jesus, they must count with us
All people count, the good, the bad, friend and foe, Jesus died for each one of us
We are called to go, to go tell the World the Gospel Message
Jesus loves you, He died for you, He gives you new life, you are no longer an outsider
Jesus paid the price for our sin and His free gift is new life in Himself

We live for Jesus, we love because of Jesus, we are equipped by Jesus
It’s all about Him, He calls us to talk about eternal things
Forgiveness, salvation, power, strength, life and light- Jesus is alive in us
Jesus is God’s everything, we don’t begin with Him and move on to something better
We begin with Jesus, grow with Jesus, serve Jesus, follow Jesus and one day we will see Him

We serve the Lord High God, Jesus our Creator seeks to use us as His representative
Glorifying the Father, we praise His name, we do His work, we love one another
Jesus would that all be saved, we are proclaiming His name until He returns
We are not responsible for someone’s decision, we are responsible to tell them
Together we will serve Him, Together we live with Jesus and one another

Do not despair, your life belongs to Jesus and He will not desert you
Do not fear, Jesus is Lord and all things belong to Him-the victory is won
Do not stumble away, pay attention to your life, stay close to Jesus
Do read His Word daily, do turn away from evil, do let Jesus change you
And Jesus will give you the Father’s peace and joy-Jesus loves you

Clay Corvin July 18, 2015

JESUS IS ALL I NEED – Galatians 1:1-5

JESUS IS ALL I NEED – Galatians 1:1-5

Saved by grace thru faith
Focused on Jesus
He is the only way – No other way to the Father
Not by works, not by change
Salvation in Jesus only– Jesus is all I need

He died on the cross
His life for mine
His blood paid my price – my slate is clean
His love overcame my hate
I owe everything to Him – Jesus is all I need

His work on the Cross-delivered me from this present evil age
He sent the Holy Spirit to reside in His children
No reason to be bound – No longer shackled to sin
Heaven is here in me – not by and by, right now
I’m living in victory – Jesus is all I need

Jesus and the Father are one – together they tasked the Son
To come to Earth and save my soul
To suffer and die that I might become whole
It was God the Father – It was God’s will – God’s plan
Jesus surrendered to the Father’s will – no surprise – Jesus is all I need

It is God’s will that you be saved – He paid a heavy price for you
Come to Christ – Surrender your will to His – ask Him into your heart
For God so loved you that He gave His only son that you might be saved
Surrender now – let His love and forgiveness empower you
Jesus is Lord and He loves you, Jesus is all you need

Clay Corvin 7/4/2015



I missed it – my lack of attention dooming me
To be used – a slave to convention
Little caring how foolish I would be – enslaved to my emotion
Christ calls us to focus – discipline – train
To equip us – to care for us – to be our partners
This world is a harsh place – every day we need Jesus and His grace

Jesus loves you and me – His love changes us
If we will let Him in to train us – guiding us through activity to discipline
Sin is an evil foe – slipperier than we ever know – always seeking our death
Saved to serve –Jesus calls us to the fight – only I can sideline myself
Fighting the same fight each day – doomed to failure by my laziness
We minister in relative obscurity – seeking our 15 minutes of fame

I am pressed by sin each moment of each day – pushed to claim my way
Jesus calls me to surrender – Jesus knows I can’t win without Him
Satan knows that he can’t lose – if he keeps me stirred up
Satan encourages me to become overwhelmed – I deserve to be able to sin
Satan whispers in my ear – do it again – it feels good so surely it can’t hurt you
I wake up further from Jesus than I ever thought I would go – help me Lord

Jesus says He will help me be brave – He will stand with me and carry me
I have to give up my self rule – give it to Christ – Let Jesus have my life
Yes I will still sin – He will forgive me – claiming my focus Jesus will teach me
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus becomes my incessant cry – He is king of me, I will not die
His love, His wisdom, His mercy, His grace change me- He breaks the chains holding me
I am free – it is my right in Christ – Jesus has a hold on me-in surrender I am free

All of us – you – me as members of the body of Christ – are called to a Jesus life
More like Him – less like me is my daily mantra – I follow Jesus- I belong to Him
Read His Word – Spend time with Him – Pray
Strive in Christ to make your faith you practice – Not what I want Jesus-What you want
The question for me- Am I doing better than yesterday?
Today I will strive with Christ as my guide to do the next right thing

Clay Corvin June 20, 2015

Eph 3:1-20


No force of nature
No act of man
Can divert the Lord’s will
He reigns

Evil seeks to block our way
Time batters our work
We tire in the heat of the day
He reigns

Untimely deaths
Failure’s painful hand
Fears icy stare
He reigns

Jesus is greater than anything
His love deeper than imagination
His care everlasting
He reigns

You have value
Your life is worthy
Every thought He has of you is good
He reigns

Be who you are
Do what you can
Jesus will not forget you
He reigns



I always thought
I was perfect
No one agreed
Creating strife for me

I tried to grow
Did all I know
Inside of me
Fear cried “not free”

Jesus saved me
Setting me free
For service and
Friendship with Him

My surrender
Taught me
What I needed
Christ gave me

Now I see
Perfection in me
It’s name is Christ
His life leads me

Clay Corvin 1/5/05


New heart
New life
Alive in Christ
Anointed to serve God

Changed from me
Serving in change
Trusting Christ
For life today

What I say
What I do
Completes the life
I live for you

Useful now
The Father calls
My hands are His
I give my all

Troubles come
Stretch my soul
Bond servant life
In Jesus Christ

Clay Corvin 5/2/08


Humble servant
Godly man
Serving the King
Faithful and bold

Wise in service
Consistent in work
Able worker
Long-suffering for souls

A long career
Many were led
To the feet of Jesus
His life, Jesus his head

Visionary leader
Persistent faith
Every day living
Jesus way

Doc’s family a jewel
God’s gift to him
Each one living
As the Father’s child

This is the year
Eighty strong
Celebrating service
To Christ His all

What a joy
To see a soul
That lives his life
As Jesus told

Preaching the Gospel
Living to serve
Still God’s servant
Jesus his love

Clay Corvin



Jesus Christ is faithful
Even though we aren’t
You can join His family
By asking for His heart

Power for the life we lead
Strength to face each day
Life is worth our effort
There is value in what we do

Jesus word is living
Guiding where we go
Calling us to be his
Daily renewing our walk

Survival is our watchword
Jesus knows our heart
Tomorrow’s not a burden
He lives within our heart

Giving us the answers
Removing all the fog
Life is faith in action
Jesus Christ is God

Now I’m in His family
People count with Christ
I am in His purpose
A servant in His place

Joy in the journey
Value in my walk
Peace a constant companion
In Christ I am never lost

Clay Corvin