Faith comes by hearing.  Hearing by the Word of God.
We live by God’s rule.  His love.  We yearn to be like Him. 
Moses knew Him-face to face.  God said they were friends.
Desperately I desire to be a friend of God.  Deuteronomy explains HOW.
GOD loves man.  He created us from the dust and breathed His spirit into us.
He chose us and makes us Holy.  Calling us to Himself for life.
We obey Him because He loves us.  We desire to be with Him.
Our limitations are huge.  Our wisdom is small.  God will lead us.
Jesus quotes Deuteronomy the most of any of the New Testament writers. 
They all focus on loving God and keeping His commandments. 
That is Deuteronomy.  It is our life blood that pulls us to God.
Moses laws seek to explain how desperately we need God.  Every moment. 
“If you love me, Keep my commandments.”
Search the book for God’s wisdom.  Search the book for God’s love.
Note how special you are.  You are the beloved of God. 
God is very direct about His requirements for us to be in a relationship with Him. 
It’s always God’s way or man’s way.  Our default is arrogance and doing it our way.
God says that is the road to destruction.  All of us like sheep are led astray. 
Following God is life.  Following self is death.
We live by faith.  We grow by God’s direction and wisdom.  Knowledge is not wisdom. 
Every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God is wisdom.
God isn’t looking for a tutor.  He wants us to be a member of His family. 
Only God, the infinite God can reveal Himself to you. 
Thinking about God is foolish if you aren’t directed by God. 
God is the center of everything.  He is first.  He is perfect.  Remember His rules.
We are not the center of the universe.  We can be a child of God but that is a choice. 
Jesus is calling us to Himself.  He would that no one die.  Come to Christ.  Jesus loves you. 
Every step you take, every move you make is either towards God or always from God. 
Live.  Follow Jesus.  He saves us from death.  He gives us life.
Remember.  Don’t forget.  Let Christ rule in your life.
Read God’s Word.  Remember God’s love.  He gives the rules of life.
Follow God.  He loves you.  He is leading you home.

Clay Corvin
New Orleans, LA 70126
March 6, 2022



Jesus spoke to us-God speaking to mankind.
His Words gave us direction from the God,
Authority, understanding and a grasp of our need.
He called us to repentance for our sin.
We turn to Him, by faith, and receive new life.
Life like God’s life.

Jesus called us to share the Good News.
God is providing salvation in Jesus’ name.
Jesus paid the price to save us from our sin.
The Father raised Him from the dead,
Seating Him at His right hand with all power.
Jesus is God’s everything, He is Lord, Lord of all.

Christ calls us to go to all the world.
Go and tell everyone that we can be free from sin.
Believe in Jesus, He is the only way to the Father.
Christ graces us with forgiveness of our sin.
Bestows us with the Holy Spirit.
Nothing can ever separate us from the love of God.

Clay Corvin
August 31, 2022


Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior,
Stepped out of eternity into time-our world. 
He was the second man.
He would right the wrongs we suffered.
He would love us in a way we had not been loved.
God loves you.
Jesus came doing God’s will. 
He spoke with authority.
He brought a new kind of doing.
He enabled us to have a new kind of living. 
No longer at the mercy of our sin.
He frees us to live like God lives, and Jesus is Lord of our life. 
Jesus was the beginning. 
He tells us about the Father.
He gives us wisdom and guidance.
He sends the Holy Spirit, the Hand of God, to us.
Jesus opens the Bible and shows us the direction God gives for living.
He dies on the cross to pay the price of our sin.
The Father raises Him from the dead. 
Seats Him at His right hand,
And imbues Him with all power. 
We serve a living Savior.
He lives in us and provides for us.
One day He is coming back to take us home to the Father.  Praise God. 
Clay Corvin
August 31, 2022


 God at work among mankind. 
His faithful servant writing His Words.
Sending to us so that we could see.
The church forming among mankind.
No strong men.  No wealth.  Only Jesus. 
Today we have church strong men.
Many churches have great wealth.
But we’ve lost two generations of children.
Today the world is as lost as can be.
The majority of people are dying and going to Hades.
They never heard the Gospel. 
The church stood by while they were destroyed. 
Men cried out for justice, while denying justice to the needy.
The arms race created evil weapons.  Countries killed each other.
The church runs for public office, seeking to appease the Lost. 
The Gospel is declared ineffective. 
Children desert their parents.
Society says good is evil and evil good. 
The church winks an eye, ignoring God and God’s Word.
Jesus is abandoned for a social word. 
The lost are abandoned. 
Everyone is hurting and ignoring Jesus. 
Pain and evil explode and still Jesus is ignored.
Seek the Lord and His way first. 
Bend the knee to Jesus and evil with flee. 
You may lose your physical life proclaiming the Gospel.
Your sacrifice, as Acts notes,
Will serve as a marker to guide people to Jesus. 
Surrender, obey, serve and sacrifice and you will lead many to Christ.
Jesus is Lord.  People need Him.  This is how you lead people to Jesus. 
Clay Corvin
August 20, 2022


(2 CHRON. 15:17)
Asa was obedient to God in his heart.
He didn’t pay attention-he left the high places in Judah.
It wasn’t a stumbling block to him.
The people were hurt because they kept worshipping their idols. 
God calls us to pay attention.
What is insignificant to us.
May be significant to God.
What are you ignoring in your life?
Obedience in mind, body, and spirit.
Jesus is with us.  In us. 
The Holy Spirit is guiding us. 
What has the Lord called us to do?
What seems trivial to us.
May be big with God.
He points it out to us over and over.
We evaluate with limited wisdom-not important. 
We are time-based creatures. 
Here today, gone tomorrow.
God sees everything from an eternal viewpoint.
He knows what is critical.  He attempts to tell us.
We don’t hear.
We don’t search His heart for direction.
We shrug off eternal consequences.
We just don’t pay attention. 
Lord what would you have me do?
What am I missing?
Teach me Your way.
Jesus I bend my knee to You. 
You are the way.
The truth.
And the life.
I am Yours. 
Clay Corvin
August 3, 2022


I think we make a mistake
When we listen to the adults
Opine about how we should pray, worship and serve.
Always citing knowledge, and etiquette
They cite God as the one that demands each step
So much so that many become frustrated and stop. 
Why is that so prevalent?
Our Father wants to hear from us, to be with us
And Jesus Himself said “lest ye come as little children.”
How do children view God?
When they hurt they cry out, help me Lord.
They believe He will.  There is no formula, He is their Father. 
Listen to children speak of prayer. 
They believe there is great power in prayer.
They also believe that their Father, God, will answer their prayers. 
They move on assuming God has heard and will answer. 
Life is to be lived.  They live it.
Growing daily. 
Somewhere along the way someone tells them they must grow up.
Their faith suffers because of unbelief.
They become adults who have lost their way. 
Help Father.  Help us pray and spend time with You.
No formulas, no steps to holiness, just time with You.
Give me that faith that children have.
Today belongs to God.  Tomorrow belongs to God.
Every day I am permitted to live with Jesus as my guide and Lord. 
Every day, there will be new challenges and stronger faith. 
I belong to God.  He knew me before I was in my mother’s womb. 
I can trust my Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
They know what I need, even when I don’t.
I will never outgrow Jesus.  He is God’s everything. 
I need Him every moment of every day.  I spend time with Him.  Think about Him. 
Thank you, Jesus, for directing my life.  Thank You Lord for loving me. 
Clay Corvin
July 18, 2022
Northport, AL


PRIMACY OF PETER – John 21: 5-65 ‘Children,’ said Jesus to them, ‘haven’t you got anything to eat?’  ‘No!’ they replied. 6 ‘Cast the net on the right side of the boat,’ he said, ‘and you’ll find something.’So they cast the net; and now they couldn’t draw it in because of the weight of the fish.
Every day is a struggle.  Life is a challenge for all of us.
Jesus meets us at the point of our struggle. 
His Word to His apostles, who were failing at their former vocation:
Let down your net.
They did.  After fishing all night and no success the net was overloaded with fish. 
We need Jesus. 
We need Jesus for every moment of our life.
We need Jesus to deal with our successes and our failures.
We need Jesus.  We need to focus on Jesus. 
We need to take everything to Jesus in prayer.  Lay out our life before Him. 
We need Jesus because we are weak.
We need Jesus because we don’t know the future.
We need Jesus because bad things happen to good people. 
We need Jesus. 
When life slams you hard.
Keep praying.  Stay the course.
Whatever the future looks like Jesus can still fill an empty net.
Remember that our precious Lord is good, always good, and He loves you. 
What a joy to walk down to the shore of the Sea of Galilee. 
We could see the location where Jesus would have built the charcoal fire.
So many things happened right here on the seashore. 
The critical element-God in the flesh was here and He is here right now. 
Jesus loves you.  HE loves you. 
Clay Corvin
Northport, AL
June 22, 2022



All glory to God.

He is able.  

He is able to keep you.

He is able to keep you from stumbling.  

Wise is the one that recognizes their need. 

Our needs are great.

We live like fish out of water.

Desperately seeking to breath.  

Everyday is a new challenge.

One thing never changes-we have great needs. 

God says in His Word that He will meet all of our needs. 

One great problem we have is stumbling. 

Father.  Keep me from stumbling.

I fall so much.  I misstep, walk blindly and trip over the smallest things. 

Help me walk today.

Keep me from stumbling. 

Clay Corvin

April 20, 2022


Every day of my life was recorded in His book before my life began.

My loving Father fashioned a good plan for me.

Of course, there were options.  I could choose.

His love nurtured me through, day by day, gently guiding, caring.  

Evil came calling in every way, every day.

God’s mercy and grace helped me grow.

So many questions.  Too few answers.  

His Word details His deep love for me.  

He is thinking of me every minute.  Thousands upon thousands of thoughts.

All good thoughts.  All for my welfare.  

His love is so much more significant than I believed.

Until I read His Word, and He revealed Himself to me.  

Everything I know about the Lord, He shared it.

His Word is my document of growth, wisdom, mercy and grace.  

God is in me, His Hand, the Holy Spirit guiding me.  

Jesus is interceding for me.  He loves me.  He cares for me.

He provides the attention that I need to survive.  He is Lord. 

I know Him.  I believe Him.  I follow Him.  He gives me life.  

Clay Corvin

April 19, 2022


Today. This morning. Thank you, Lord, for the breath of life.
Sing a new song to the Lord. Let everything that draws breath praise Him.

He knows the plans He has for us.
Plans to prosper us. Plans that will give us joy and peace.
His plans are the right plan. His ways are the way we should walk.

Fear God. Work out His salvation.
Daily. Hourly. Moment by moment.
We value Him when we serve Him.
Be with Him. Seek Him. Serve Him.
Prepare your heart. Be alert. When He calls we can’t prepare then.

Difficult day. Surrender it to the Lord.
Let Him share ever burden. He will lift up your heart.
He will carry you in the unbearable times.
This is the day the Lord has made. Rejoice. Jesus is with us.
His love and mercy overflow us. Peace be with you.

Thank God for what you have and experience.
Celebrate the Lord.
When you meet with Him, it is never business as usual.
Our God is passionate and purposeful. Let Him use you.
His grace and mercy are overflowing.
Bend your heart to Him. Jesus is Lord. He loves you.

God created us in Jesus Christ.
Always choose God’s plan.
His good works in us create satisfaction.
Our good works are used by the Lord to help the helpless.
Know that the Lord is good, and His mercy is great.

You belong to Him. He etched your name in His hand.
Your life is hidden in Christ with the Father.
Joy and peace are yours. Jesus loves you.

Clay Corvin
April 18, 2022