New day coming, a day of God’s presence, the land filled with His Word
Jesus called the people to obedience, do what the Lord God says
Listen to Him and obey, not your way but God’s way, that is the perfect way
Resulting in our success, God would that we succeed, He wants the best for us

Save now Oh Lord, save now, come Messiah, come Lord Jesus, we await your return
Jerusalem stirred, even the rocks would cry out as Jesus crosses the Mt of Olives
Riding on a donkey, a beast of burden, no challenge to Rome, He was coming home
Have you listened to Jesus? Have you accepted Him? One day Jesus is coming back

Jesus began with cleansing the temple, now as He enters Jerusalem
His first act is to cleanse the Temple, He infuriated the priests, Jesus wasn’t scared
He knew everything that would happen, He was zealous for His Father’s house
It was a place of worship and praise, not a place for evil, Christ claimed God’s House

We must look to our life. We are the Temple of the Lord, Do we act like it?
Have we surrendered our life? Or are we demanding control, becoming a den of iniquity?
Choose Christ, let Him cleanse your life, Jesus is Lord, He is powerful enough to help you
Obedience is our charge, resulting in praise and worship of the Lord

Jesus comes healing, what are your needs? Great needs? Great healing!
He walks among us, He carries us, guides us, enables us
We trust as little children, Christ is all and in all, we can do all things through Him
Now we know Him by faith but soon face to face and we will dwell with Him forever

Clay Corvin
April 8, 2017


Born – died, everything we do is in that little dash, everything
How can I make a contribution? I have no family fortune
I’m certainly not brilliant, in fact I question my own intellect
I learn slowly, repetition the key to most things I do well
Therefore if I am to contribute, how will I do it?

Believe in the Lord Jesus, trust in Him and He will do it, He will change you and equip you
Be firm and unwavering, seek those things that He is calling you to do, be devoted
God is calling us to be saved, we cannot have a spiritual relationship without salvation
The Lord wants to know you, not your success, or your sacrifice, He wants you
You have great value to the Father, Christ died for you, be resolute in your walk with Him

If you will walk with the Lord and know Him, He will put you to work, He has a plan for your life
Listen, He will talk with you, you will know it is Him if you have a growing relationship with Him
His direction will be perfect for you, your labors will be great but your satisfaction greater
The Lord is good, every thought He has towards you is a thought for good, know this
Let this encourage you in your hour of failure, success belongs to God, you do the work

Have a heart, a heart relationship with Jesus, let your passion be fueled by His love for people
Do not fear, The Lord is with you, He will never desert you, His work is not a burden
Jesus has a worldview, get to know it, people count with the Lord, period, love people
Claim change, we are easily manipulated by our heart, Jesus will change you, claim it
This thing you do is inextricably woven into your relationship with Jesus, be His hands and feet

Do not forget, the kingdom has a morality, forget applying it to the world, it applies to you
Surrender your heart and your wallet, give beyond your ability to give, kneel before Christ
Call out to Him, if you aren’t able to do your work without His intervention, check where you are
The world hates Jesus, it will hate you to, therefore you cannot carry out His plan in the flesh
You desperately need Christ, leading, guiding, encouraging, equipping, restoring, you need Jesus

The contribution you make will be in the people you serve, this is an eternal contribution
Jesus is Lord, He is Lord of the dash, He knows your heart better than you do
Christ also wants you to be able to serve every day of your life, not a burdened serving
Service that cares for those in need, in poverty, the alien, the hurting, those you hate or hate you
Your dash, your contribution, as a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ is in the lives of people

Clay Corvin 3/4/17




Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, you will be saved
No longer at the mercy of the world, a mean and evil place
The foolishness of His message, reaching out and saving those who believe

I believe in Jesus, a faith that preserves my soul
The same for you, for by grace are you saved, a gift of God so that none can boast
Vilified by the world, Jesus walked to the Cross, He saw your need and died for you

My life, my focus, proclaim the name of Jesus
It isn’t a preacher thing, it is a Christ believer thing
All of us, each one of us are to tell the story of Jesus-He is the Gospel

God’s Good News to Us, Jesus, He came that we might have life
He came to break the bondage of sin, it is a back breaking bondage
We cannot deal with it on our own, Jesus our Savior gives us life and light for living

If you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord
Believe in your heart that the Father God raised Jesus from the dead
You will be saved and that is a promise from God

The Good News, the power of God for salvation to all who believe
A story that must be told-everyone needs to hear
Jesus has come and His coming saves us from a certain death and it is our right to choose

The Father would that all would be saved but they won’t
Tell everyone you see but remember you don’t save them you just tell them
The power of God in the Holy Spirit through the Lord Jesus Christ saves us-a free gift from God

We don’t judge, we don’t condemn-we love one another, we care for the orphan
We minister to those in prison, caring for the alien, giving all we have to help
But first and foremost we tell the story about Jesus-how He died and what He has done for us

Nobody knows another person’s trouble, but they certainly are troubled
Jesus knows our sorrow and He came that we might have life and that more abundantly
His free gift to you and me-life like the Father’s-life eternal

No longer in bondage to sin, we go and tell the story, of what Jesus has done for us
For when we were dead in our trespasses and sin Jesus died for you and me
His love saves us, His love saves whosoever calls upon His name, He is the Gospel

The Gospel-Jesus Christ is the good news of God coming to us because of our great need
Jesus changes everything-we are no longer slaves in bondage to sin-we are free
There is nothing the world can do to us-we belong to Jesus

Clay Corvin
February 4, 2017


God in Christ came to man, our great need so clear
All of us where hurting here, this place of pain and agony
Each day of life filled with sweat and tears, the world in need of a Savior

Jesus came in Bethlehem, the God/Man in a child’s form
Born as the least of us, filled with faith in the Father
He lived like us, at the mercy of the world, only His faith to guide Him home
Growing up hard working, He loved the Father without reservation
Sinless, perfect, all because of His absolute focus on God the Father
God with us, He walked among us, His word to us-TELL THE GOOD NEWS

Jesus came to the disciples walking on the water, showing God’s power available for us
Equipping us to deal with this moment’s decision, giving us the ability to cope
Able to deal with dangers, disasters and problems, He brings victory into our life
Nothing surprises the Father, life moves at a quick pace, Jesus calls us to TELL THE GOOD NEWS

Jesus came to the demoniac, overwhelmed in his sins, garbage to those who lived nearby
Beloved by Jesus, cleansed of his demons, in his right mind, in control of himself
Jesus makes the wrong right, He purifies us from our sin, He cleanses us
We are not alone, we are not at the mercy of the world, Jesus is with us-go TELL THE GOOD NEWS

Jesus came to the disciples in the Upper Room, He knew what they were thinking, the fear they felt
His peace, the peace of God, creates life, dispels fear
Jesus says to you, do not fear, go TELL THE GOOD NEWS

Jesus came to die on the cross, He paid the price for our sin
He lived a perfect, sinless life, Jesus was the sacrifice, He died for you and me, raised from the dead
By the power of God, Jesus is alive, Alive today interceding at the right hand of the Father
As we live in His presence, His encouraging word to us today is TELL THE GOOD NEWS

Clay Corvin    1/15/17




Pain and anguish night and day
Sleeping little
Every step hurts before knee replacement
Then a fall and rehab and new aches and pains
Seventy is a tough year, the bloom is off the rose

Planned trips scuttled by a surprise event
Tomorrow has new ills to experience
Time moves at a rapid pace
Driving is a chore
Stamina falls by the wayside
Seventy is a tough year, the bloom is off the rose

Precious grand children growing up
Enjoying their excitement
Loving the things they see
Seeing what they are becoming
Their comments and foibles, precious ones
Seventy is a blessed year, I’m better than I was

Decades of answered prayers
Friends more than I can count
Life is good in spite of the pain
Precious children, wonderful grandchildren
Comfort from the Lord my King
Seventy is a blessed age, Jesus loves me

Clay Corvin – on the occasion of Carol’s 70th Wonderful Birthday




God raised Jesus from the dead
Our strength – our life was on His head
Raising us to newfound heights – our bodies defying gravity
My heart – my soul renewed by peace – His peace – my peace

Together in Christ – access to God
Hard to envision – as this Earth I trod
True to His Word – His grace covering me
Thanksgiving and joy – expunging me – O sinner He’s met your plea

Never give up – God is at work encouraging you
Every thought He has for you – a thought for good – personal too
Pain and anguish dog my tracks – He knows my world is painful
He knows that heaven is where He is and soon I’ll be with Him

Troubles give an air of permanence – don’t be fooled they come and go
Salvation is forever – it never weakens or wanes
Keeping our eyes upon Jesus – this world is passing by
His love is lasting – His presence permanent – you are the apple of His eye

2 Corinthians 4: 14 We know that God, who raised the Lord Jesus, will also raise us with Jesus and present us to himself together with you. 15 All of this is for your benefit. And as God’s grace reaches more and more people, there will be great thanksgiving, and God will receive more and more glory. 16 That is why we never give up. Though our bodies are dying, our spirits are being renewed every day. 17 For our present troubles are small and won’t last very long. Yet they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever! 18 So we don’t look at the troubles we can see now; rather, we fix our gaze on things that cannot be seen. For the things we see now will soon be gone, but the things we cannot see will last forever.


We follow Christ –Until it’s inconvenient
Asserting one’s self – Seeking to be independent
God calls us to unity – He says unity is good and pleasant
That hits our ears a tinny blow – I’m important, I count, I did it my way
Ideas straight from the pit – independence, uniformity often wicked, sometimes idolatrous
It is God’s nature to love us – His desire that we love one another

He calls us to be pleasing, friendly, agreeable, amiable, nice, genial, good-natured
All meaning pleasant – People count but we each count alike for we are His unique creation
Forget trying to be the Creator –settle down and focus on Christ- surrender your life to Him
The result –goodness, pleasure, anointing, dew, God’s blessing, eternal life
Changed is what Jesus calls us to do – Change that recognizes Christ in you
His call – Unity –and in unity the Lord gives us pleasure-there is real harmony in humility

Will I live my life under the Father’s control? Or shall I seek my own way and that is disappointing
But the World is seeking its own way- We are called to surrender our life to Jesus
Unity is not uniformity – It is a focus on what Jesus wants – what Jesus calls us to be
It comes down to us from God – It is Jesus among us –blessing us with His presence
Religions, dictators and others demand uniformity- the Lord calls us to Unity
Unity pours down upon us – covering us in the blood of Christ- we receive His life

We are one in Jesus- He is Lord- Our Lord and we belong to Him
Jesus sought for us to be one as He, the Father and Holy Spirit are one-complete
His power flows to each of us- causing a sense of community that is a result of His work in us
Removing our personal preferences –Lord we are yours –use us in the most profitable way
We are people- people are eternal –the Father has called us to live together in harmony and unity
Equipping us in His Word, prayer, devotion and faith –the Cross unites us in Jesus

Time has been unbound- He rewards us with eternity-heaven isn’t a place it is a person-Jesus Christ
We are God’s people in God’s place under God’s rule in Jesus-His community – we are one in Jesus
Unity in the Spirit-precious, pleasant- it calls us to give up ourself and live for others
We need the Lord- we live as the Lord called us – Jesus will never leave us for we belong to Him
Bow to Jesus – submit to His Word- read the Bible-pray-repent
Jesus is Here-He is calling us right now to unity –follow Christ-surrender- your life will be pleasant

Clay Corvin October 15, 2016


We make plans – they fail – we make more plans
God’s plans never fail – He knows the end from the beginning
We are not a mistake – our life may have many troubles
Jesus will see us through – He is the living Lord – eternal –caring-complete

The Bride of Christ – the church is with us– it belongs to Jesus – it is His
The church is for us – it is our gathering place – in Christ
The people are part of the church – Christ completes His church
The church belongs to Jesus – He will see the church through

The Holy Spirit knows our needs – Father and Son combined
Our steps are ordered if I will listen and follow those orders
But if I don’t the Holy Spirit protects me – connects with me
My life is hid with Christ in God and sealed by the Holy Spirit

Our God is a fountain of blessings – His love and grace new each day
We never draw down His supply of grace – we never tap His ability to provide
Come He says – let us spend time together – come dear child and listen to Me
He is our refuge, our strength, our leader- God plans –His plans never fail

We are called by God to be His representative – we share what He has done in our life
My life – my heart is dedicated to the Lord
I desperately seek to be with Jesus – I desire His will be done in my life
As I go through life knowing and serving Him – I share my journey with all I meet

Forever begins now – I have everything I need in Jesus – He will never leave me
Jesus protects us – His plan is not thwarted by my moral failure or foolishness
We belong to Him – we are eternally connected with the Father in Jesus
Today Jesus is with us – today Jesus guides us – today we have victory in Jesus

Clay Corvin 10/8/16




Jesus died for us, paying the price for our sin, He was the perfect sacrifice
His payment healed us, This calls us to live daily, To seek Him avidly
Jesus is Lord, He has displayed His Lordship to us, Dispensing death to death
His love is over abundant, His healing complete, we are cleansed by His blood

His salvation is eternal, no fear in our relationship with God
Jesus imbues us with courage, it is His nature, in us
We are equipped to hear Him, we are forgiven, we change, we grow
Constantly, daily we are growing, Jesus is our peace, He is our joy

God elected us for membership, before we were, whosoever will may come
To develop our belief in Him, faith as a mustard seed moves mountains
Our calling is sure, foundational fact of my position in Jesus
Now I live in Him, I believe Lord, help my unbelief

Thank you Lord for waking me up today, joy in your presence, peace by your hand
Thank you Lord for giving me light for living, this light reveals my sin, it nourishes me
Thank you Lord for equipping, making me useful, important, worthwhile
Thank you Lord, for you are my Father, elder brother and Holy spirit in me

Cleansed by His blood, I can glorify you Lord, I can talk with you, hear you, hallelujah
I am stained by my works each day, I’m me, help me, Lord you cleanse me
White as snow, not by my works but by your precious blood, cleansing me within
I surrender to you Lord, I surrender my time, myself, thank you Lord

Where ever I go, whatever I do Lord you are here
Not by my strength but by your choice, Lord speak to me, walk with me
Point out my weaknesses, fill me with Your wisdom, Your strength
That the things I do, the things I think, the things I say glorify YOU

Oh Lord You know all about me, yet You love me
I don’t understand this but I believe it, thank you Lord for your gift of love
Enable me to love those around me, the loveable and unloveable
You are love Lord and I bend my knee to you, pour your love into me and out of me

Father that I might love those I am with, sacrifice my life for them
Jesus my Lord, precious is your name, Holy are you Lord, You are love
When I am weak, You are strong, it takes Your strength Lord to love others
Today Lord I will love as You love me, peace and joy my gift
Clay Corvin 9/24/16

WHO SAYS? Psalm 130-Guilt Free Living


Who says I’m not guilty, I feel it every day, my mind reels, my heart feels
I eat too much, I don’t pray like I should, I gossip, tell jokes, guilty as charged
Oh Lord I feel so guilty, I just want to hide my head, my worry quotient is thru the roof
How can I be a good servant? Who can use me? I’m no paragon of virtue Lord help me

Who says I’m guilty, everything is cool as far as I’m concerned, oh I do a few things
But I’m not like them and those, I’m quick to apologize if I’m offensive, I’m not so bad
Certainly don’t gossip like her or him, I’m not such a bad person
I know I could do better but life is hard, I’m just trying to get bye, I’m not so bad

Two types of relevant guilt, neither surrendered to the Father,
One guilty of daily things, the other oblivious to guilt
Jesus redeems us, Forgives us, corrects us, as we get to know Him our guilt shows
Our heart knows, against thee O Lord I have sinned, against thee and thee alone

Hear my cry O Lord, listen to me as I speak, I’m in need of forgiveness for my evil
You Lord are the only one that can help me, I’m in need of prayer and redemption
My sin is heart deep and offensive to the Father in every way, Help me O Lord
Forgive me and bring me into your family, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, forgive me

The world says life is hard then you die, I’m desperate Father for you
Jesus says that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God
But Christ died to save us from our sin and I sure need saving Lord
The Cross event, the resurrection, the redemption of mankind, Lord include me

Every day I need you, O Lord I need you, Guide my feet in your way
This day speak to my heart Lord, forgive me of my sinful ways
I wander and wobble in daily things, forgetting the Lord is my thing
Write your words on my heart Jesus that I might not sin against you

There is power in the presence of the Lord, Come and be with me Jesus
Redemption visits me daily, cleanse me from sin, Bring me in to your presence Lord
This is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it
Focus my mind and heart on you, lead me in the everlasting way

Now Lord I know you and I want to shout it from the rooftops, o sinner know the Lord
With Jesus there is much forgiveness, more than enough to deal with your sin
In Christ alone is our fount of wisdom, mercy, grace and forgiveness
Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so in a million ways

Clay Corvin September 3, 2016