We think highly of ourselves.
Hiding our thoughts from God.
Foolishly we argue, I’m not like him or her.
Or even not as bad as them. Comparison doesn’t blot out our sin.

Help me see Father.
Help me see the evil I bear-the evil based in my heart.
Evil revealed in the blink of an eye.
If my interest is blocked.

My sin burden often feels unbearable.
I sin at every chance, sometimes even when I’m praying.
My sin runs the gamut of emotions.
The worst is when the sin stain is fresh and I ignore Abba.
I look at my Father and cry, it wasn’t me!
I’m never like that at all.

Abba responds to me, “dear child quit whining.
Stop sinning and run to Me.
I provide forgiveness and restoration.”

Only Jesus can solve my sin problem.
He came to save us from our sin.
He will cleanse us from unrighteousness.
He will give us a new heart and eternal life.
And remember our sin no more.

Clay Corvin
September 16, 2019
On The way to Italy


Life has daily struggles. Sometimes more than we can handle.
The future shoulders in and the past overwhelms.
God handles our needs. Even before we ask.
My need is clarity. How can I handle today?

Christ says He has faced the loneliness I sometimes feel.
He knows my heart and my pain. He bore all my sins.
His death, resurrection and seated at the right hand of God qualify Him to rescue me.
Salvation brought me into His family. I belong to the Lord.

He knows my pain, not a pain but in fact and truth, my pain.
I walk with Him. I talk with Him. I experience His presence. I listen to Him.
My life pace is confusing. Jesus helps me sort out my mess. He touches the heart of the issue.
I need to come clean with Him. Confess my sin, all my sin, and seek to glorify God.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. His joy and peace like a river flows to me.
I must stop, look and listen. He is my peace. He is my joy.
Do not worry. Jesus says this again and again.
I present myself to the Father in Christ and can know that He is for me.

The Lord has given me a job to do. Bottom line I am to glorify Him.
Time with Him. Gratitude to Him. Listen to Him. Serve people. Be pliable.
Things change. He is calling me to change. Grow in Christ likeness.
Be His hands and feet. People need help. They are lonely. I can help.

Helping others requires me to be focused on Jesus. Filled with the Spirit.
Learn to listen. Say little and grin a lot. People don’t want to know what I know.
They want me to care. That means I become a good listener. Humble myself. Mouth shut.
When I am at peace that communicates to hurting people. My joy in Christ uplifts them.

This is a big step forward for me. Give my pain and emotions to Jesus. Let Him be my friend.
Closer than a brother. Taking my ego. Setting aside my selfishness. Jesus use me.
A Christ like lifestyle requires daily renewal. I tend towards sin most of all.
Forgive me Lord. Cleanse me from a sinful attitude and sinful actions.

I keep the Son in my eyes. I bend the knee to the Lord’s call.
People need Jesus. People need a friend. Begin in prayer.
Focus on Jesus and how He would approach this situation. Be it. Do it.
Today Jesus is Lord. He fills me. He guides me. He is in control. He is my friend.

Clay Corvin
June 30, 2021


Everything is possible with God.
People fall by the road in life.
It’s unfair. It’s not long enough. I was born in the wrong family.
I’m not educated enough. No real chances.
Too much chaos. Too much pain. Too much evil.

My God can do anything.
He is a conqueror. He loves me. He sees me as His.
I know Him. He is with me. Lives in me.
The Lord wants to bless me. He is my Savior.
Today is another chance to let Him work in me

Do not stare at the past. Life done is over.
Do not look wistfully to the future.
Tomorrow never comes.
The present is all we have. That’s why we call it present.
Today, now, that is when the Lord is working. He is on my side.

God is able. He is able to change me.
Change is the key. I must be what the Lord has called me to be.
No one else can do what I can do. I am usable, valuable, and the Lord wants to use me.
I believe Lord. I believe in You. I believe that I can with Your guidance.
My God can do anything.

Now is the time to begin. Set aside your worries. Let go of your hate.
Forgive those who demean you. You are a child of the King.
Pray. Lord help me. Listen. Yes, Lord, I will do it.
Every day is your day. The Lord is with you.
Jesus is Lord. Jesus loves me.

Clay Corvin
Orlando, FL



New in Christ. A new name. A new heart. A new identity.
The Holy Spirit indwells me. His activity guiding my every step.
People count with Jesus. People count with me.
I love those I can see. I love God whom I cannot see.

I am a child of God. That is my new identity.
I am blessed by God. I serve at His pleasure.
Praise God who loves me and spends time with me.
Praise God for claiming me. He is here now. I know Him.

Obedience is my new calling. Obey the Lord. Do what He says.
Obedience underscores my new heart. I am His and He is mind.
My commitment is to do His will, to glorify Him. Jesus is Lord.
Praise the Lord God Almighty, He makes me valuable. I belong to Him.

The Lord gave Jacob a limp to remember Him by. Every step Jacob took he glorified God.
Every step I take I proclaim Christ is king glorifying the Father through Christ.
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus-He is God’s everything. The Lord Almighty reigns. Jesus is Lord.
Every day in every way I seek to glorify the Father. My journey is committed to Him.

Today is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.
I refuse to let evil reign. My knee is bent to God.
I belong to Jesus. The Holy Spirit fills me with the Lord’s power.
Today I follow Jesus. Today I belong to Him. Today is the day I serve the Lord.

Clay Corvin May 31, 2021


“For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first” (1 Thessalonians 4:16 NKJV).

I’ve spent a bit of time in Thessaloniki in Northern Greece.
Thessalonica (also Thessalonike) was an ancient city of Macedon in northern Greece which today is the city of Thessaloniki. Made capital of the Roman province of Macedon, the city flourished due to its location on the major trade route to the east and continued to thrive as one of the most important cities in the Byzantine Empire. Its prosperity and cultural reputation attracted such figures as Paul the Apostle, Roman emperor Galerius, Cicero, and Lucian over the centuries. Substantial archaeological remains have been excavated and a Roman triumphal arch still stands as one of the city’s most famous landmarks. Thessalonica is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
I’ve walked the harbor, and then up to the overlooking stone walls which seemed to take forever walking up the road and of course the Via Egnatia right thru the heart of town. (Great Starbucks not far away.)
The Via Egnatia (Greek: Ἐγνατία Ὁδός Egnatía Hodós) was a road constructed by the Romans in the 2nd century BC. It crossed Illyricum, Macedonia, and Thracia, running through territory that is now part of modern Albania, North Macedonia, Greece, and European Turkey as a continuation of the Via Appia.

Thessaloniki is a beautiful harbor city. Paul wrote to the church, there, from Corinth. I’ve read this passage there. The people of the Corinthian church were difficult people and challenged Paul at every opportunity. Wickedness prevailed throughout the Roman Empire. The things Paul wrote about were those activities that the Lord Himself said were evil.

How do we go from evil to Godly? Jesus Christ.
How do we live Godly lives? Jesus Christ.
What do we have as a resource to combat evil in our own personal lives? Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ is God’s everything. Without Him we do not have access to the Father. Without Jesus everything we are trying to do is but wood, hay and stubble. Jesus is Lord.

It was a beautiful, sunny day. The air was crisp. All seemed right.
Yet God was far from the hearts of people. They lived only for themselves.
Everything was greed, selfishness and wickedness.

Not as mankind defined it, all were satisfied in their way.
Has God said was the daily cry. If it feels good do it their heart song.
No barriers. No limits. Might made right. Gold ruled.

Christ defeated death. Raised by the power of God He rules.
Just a step away in Heaven. Existence is ruled by Him.
All things exist and are held together by His power. He is the Creator.

Today evil and wickedness have come to full bloom.
God steps off His throne. Jesus steps from heaven to this world.
With a shout, all the dead in Christ shall rise.

But we are not left behind. That same shout translates us from here to there.
All will gather at the feet of Jesus. No more tears. This world left behind.
We will rule together with Him forever and ever and ever.

Clay Corvin February 24, 2021


Merciful God, Father, Your precious mercies are renewed each day
Great is Your Faithfulness, steadfast Your love
With the rising of the sun, You renew our chance to get it right
People count, You love people, You call us to love people like You do

We experience Your lovingkindness, we are desperate for Your presence
That calls us to love others as You love us, it fills the spiritual hole in our heart
Bringing us to understanding, expressing our fear, our reverence
We will do as You say Father, we will, we will, we will

Today I, we, all of us purpose to be Your servant, wanting to serve You
Self raises its ugly head, wanting what it wants when it wants it, ignoring God
Help us Father, we need You before we strike out on our own
Doing things our way, ignoring God’s way, Jesus intercede

God is love, He is merciful, He is kind, He is forgiving
Yet we stretch the hem of the garment, we cannot change the past
We cannot see tomorrow, filled with tragedy, overwhelming with grief
Jesus says “beloved let us love one another,” now while there is time

Promises, promises, God forgives in Christ
He laid out our life, a walk of forgiveness, but we digress
Forgetting is our strong suit, ignoring Christ’s way our inclination
But God in Christ never forgets us, He will never leave us

Great is our God, great is our God, His love never fails
His ways are different than our ways, His love complete, total
Reaching out to us, Jesus comes looking for us, saving us unto eternity, life like God’s life
Today is God’s day, He loves us, He is saving us, His love never fails

My life counts, Jesus has indelibly stamped me as His
You count, Christ calls me to love you, to forgive you, to ease your journey
I serve you, in serving you I find me, joy and peace follow me every day
Jesus is Lord, I serve my great and wonderful Savior, great is our God

Clay Corvin    November 25, 2020



Heartache, pain, the world rocking your life?
Every step you make, every breath you take
Chaos aplenty, failure and despair reign
Your anxiety seldom ceasing, always challenging you
What do you do? Put your eyes on Jesus

We are buried with Christ in baptism, raised in newness of life
Lies resound “you are forgotten,” “you’ve been abandoned”
Mental tapes remind you of every failure
You are hidden with Christ in God, He will never leave youJesus is seeking you, Put your eyes on Jesus

Jesus is seated at the right hand of God, now, always
Look up where your salvation resides, in Christ, He is our Savior
Look up, set your affections on things above, let go of the world
Set aside the lust of the flesh, bend the knee to Jesus
Put your eyes on Jesus, never look away

Give your heart to Jesus, He is there for you
Salvation is for right now, we belong to Him
Jesus never hides from you, He is here now
Reaching out to you, He knows the troubles you have
Put your eyes on Jesus, spend time with Him

Feet on the Earth, mind on Christ, keeps you growing in Jesus
You are just passing through, this world is not your home
Your home is in heaven, you will live there with Jesus
When you are absent from the body, you will be present with Christ
Put your eyes on Jesus, no one can destroy you

Earthly things aren’t all bad, we live here, but not for long
Jesus calls us to be different than the world, be salt and light
Model the character of Christ, Jesus is God’s everything
Distractions are Satan’s weapons, what we think matters
Put your eyes on Jesus, let Him control your mind

Put your hope in Jesus, He will never fail you, Christ is your life
Everything changes when your hope is in Jesus, He cares for you
When He comes back, you will be with Him, nothing can destroy you
Keep your eyes on Jesus, He is Lord of all, He loves you
Put your eyes on Jesus, He is our hope

Clay Corvin November 11, 2020

PSALM 119:97-104

Psalm 119:97-104 THINK ABOUT IT!

I love God’s Word, its depth and completeness
I’m reminded I need to think about it, contemplate it
Meditate on the Word, let it soak into my mind and my heart
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, prophesied in the Old, expounded in the New
Christ is my Savior the Bible explains Him Genesis to Revelation

Holy, holy, holy, God’s Word says to you, walk this way, it is life
Talk this way, you will grow, behave this way wisdom will be revealed to you

His Word instills jealousy for God, it seeps into your pores, capturing your soul
When others deny, disparage and gloat; you feel the pain of evil, God is in control

The Word is promise built, one word upon another, God the author
He will not ignore nor change a single word He knows the end from the beginning

The more I read it, the longer I meditate upon it, it grabs my inner being, my soul
God is in control, He is in control of me, His Word instills obedience in me

I cannot tolerate the false way, sin seeks to deceive and seduce us, I will not
His Word gives us the wisdom we need to walk in Christ’s footsteps
We learn His way, we listen to His voice, His Word is strong and sure
The wisdom of all ages is waiting for us, our Father gives it freely, ask and receive
Today is God’s day, I am breathing His air, I love His Word, a blessing to me

Clay Corvin October 19, 2020
Northport, Alabama


Today, sin is forgotten, sin from our past not counted
Judgment an idea that is seen as passe, this is a new day!
Ah, but God’s Word says: everyone will die
Everyone will be held accountable, we cannot change that

The World had a beginning, it will have an ending
God says at the end there will be judgment
People who live as if there is no judgment are fools
There is nothing more certain than judgment

From His Holy Temple our God, the only true God
“Hear folks, all of you, this is a wake up call
Judgment is coming swiftly and is in process
Beginning with my people”

Constantly God’s Word is going forth
Even now exacting judgment, His judgment is in process
God is active in the affairs of the nations
He is coming in judgment and no one is exempt

God is a God of mercy, but something terrible has happened
No more waiting, God’s patience is over, Yahweh is on the move
Mountains are melting like water, God is moving in the World
Mankind’s sin is serious, God is slow to wrath, sin causes Him to act

We need to take sin seriously, grace expands God’s judgment
Sin can be forgiven, but people ignore God and sin explodes
Our God is a God of love, A God of mercy
He is being stirred to wrath, He has no choice but judgment

God is sovereign, He has control over all creation
People count with God, He sent Jesus to die for our sin
His death paid a price we cannot pay, providing a gift we cannot earn
New life in Christ, a new heart, a new mind, a new master

God does not count with mankind, ignorance and ignominy rule
Sin abounds, evil controls, people disavow any knowledge of the Almighty
Which does not change the fact that God is in control
It simply brings judgment, this is a desperate situation, we need to listen

We must take judgment seriously, listen to what the Lord has to say
Listen to the Lord, let Him have your heart, listen to the Lord
He is coming even now in judgment
What will you do? Choose the Lord, turn to Jesus

Clay Corvin October 10, 2020

Ps 119:1-8 BLESSED

God says “follow Me” to be blessed
Do not wander around moved by emotion
Steady steps, straight the path
Following directions clearly displayed
By His Word and His Ways

Never alone, listen, God directs
His law calls to attention
Obedience and gratitude express our relationship
Effectively communicated by attitude
Efficiently displayed by what we do

I stand in awe of You Lord
You complete me
You fill that God hole in my soul
My life is valuable because of You
Teach me Your ways

Your discipline holds my hand
Wisdom teaches me the danger of a wandering life
Your Word guides me
I will do what you say
Promise me you will never leave me

Clay Corvin August 10, 2020