Sin speaks
From the depths of our heart
Calling us to do our own thing
Go where you want to go
Think what you want to think

God calls us to discipline
Thief steal no more
Liar tell the truth
Adulterer stop, now

It’s a difficult situation
We find ourselves in
Strength and courage are rewarded
Discipline is heavily criticized

Lord why?
Why do we sin so much?
Satan gets us started
Then we sin on our own

I cry out to the Lord
I am drowning in a sea of sin
The Lord responds
Take my hand-together we will win

Clay Corvin
Walking and thinking in Rome



Proud, fierce and focused
A Roman was most envied

Engineers of renown
Roads built to tame a world
Bridges spanning any obstacle
Order out of chaos
A hard life led by hard men

They were great adapters
You may have discovered it
The Romans made it better
There armies were ferocious
Their buildings majestic

Nothing could stand in their way
Except themselves
Their decadence renowned
Destroyed their strength
One day it fell to the ground

The glory of Rome no more
Hard times less their empire
The northerners ruled Rome
Their empire had no home
This place once known as Rome

Clay Corvin





Lord hear me, I am in need of You
I desire your answer
As You bend down to listen
I know you hear me
I know my needs are often selfish
Point me in the right direction

Lord hear me
I need answers to my fears
Direction for my cares
When I’m in trouble I know You listen

Lord hear me
You are my God
I desperately seek to serve You
Underscore my surrender
Help me to listen to you

Clay Corvin


Charles Kelley

A lion heart, equipped and ready
Doing battle every day
Christ his guide, Filled with the Spirit
Jesus calls, he answers

A servant, a leader, a confidant
A man whose word is his bond
Close to Jesus, willing to stand his ground
Even when it causes his personal suffering

A man of God
Who treasurers his time with Jesus
He speaks no evil, His knee bent to the Father
Constantly seeking the lost, even when it cost

Chuck has a sincere heart, a pure mind
Keeping short accounts with the Lord
Not a gossip, He seeks to do only good
His life focused on honoring God

His wife a joy in his life, she is brilliant
The two are one
Following the Lord together
Surrendered to Christ, deeply in love with each other

A man of integrity, Kind to a fault
Gentle as a lamb, His life an open book
Faithful student of the Word, gentle scholar
Never forgets the hurting, never quits serving

He loves people, he loves students
He cares for the poor and the widow, He weeps with the downhearted
A prayer warrior, a great leader
Chuck Kelley loves Jesus with all his being

Clay Corvin
A Tribute to a great leader, a committed Christian, a servant leader



Brilliant, committed, focused on her role-wife, mother, grand
She brought stability to a pressured life
Her strength-family focus, husband needs, church value
An outstanding Bible teacher

Gifted in developing Sunday School classes, in serving the Lord
A lion, capable and smart and strong
She was the type of mother her family needed
The wife that matched Brother Jim’s larger than life persona

How can you count the ways a person measures-up
Jeanette was trustworthy, friend worthy
Capable, witty, youthful, vibrant, vivacious
A Southern beauty with a constitution of steel

An accomplished adventurer
Mission minded, well-spoken and genuine
A courageous servant, erudite speaker
Exceptional teacher, a local legend

Jeanette was never too busy to help
Too engaged to care
Too focused to miss the needs around her
She valued people and committed her life to help and to serve

Jeanette was a blessing to all she met
An expert caregiver, she knew how to help
Her life was orderly, prayerful and faithful
Jesus was the center of her existence

The Lord used her in a multitude of roles
Jeanette was always willing, always fresh
She listened to the Lord, and comprehended the needs
Now face to face with Jesus, Jeanette is walking by sight

Clay Corvin-a Tribute to an amazing person-Jeanette Henry
March 1, 2019



Victories are not the measure
Of a person’s life
Who did they help
Who helped them
Write the score
That which does not rot of disintegrate
Builds Value and worth
By the people you help and
things you give

All we deal with is passing away
People are eternal
Giving once done can never be taken away
Life has a way of tearing us down
Caring for others rebuilds our losses

We never know
what challenges we will face
Build grace and good
In people you know and
Those you don’t
Jesus says they are eternal

Jesus is God’s everything
He knows what we will face
He walks with us
He will not let us go
His love is eternal
Simply do what Jesus says
Life will blossom and grow

Clay Corvin





Faithful to the Lord
Following Christ from somewhere to nowhere
A place unknown, except for the fear
The Lord said go, she went

Applied her heart and mind
In service and in the classroom
A second language, still she thrived
It wasn’t easy but it was right

Her life was hid in Christ
She succeeded where so many failed
Her faith grew, service too
The Lord sent friends her way

A hard worker, a kind person
She drew various ones by her charisma
Now she was known, friends, success
Still she focused on Christ, her life

Corey came, her heart flamed
But not without a great deal of prayer
Now husband and wife, combined life
She continued her walk with Christ

Missions, missions, missions
A degree, home, return
All of her actions pointing to Christ
Her life faithful, she follows the Lord

A leader, a reader, a friend
A worker, a servant, now His leader
Missions the center of her work
She lives where the Lord has called

There is still the unknown, no one knows the future
Blanca simply serves wherever Christ leads
A wonder, a servant, a friend, a leader
Her life is hid in Christ with God





BE kind to the poor
The hurting
The alien at your door
Seek to help, to stand for
Be kind to the poor

The Lord will rescue you
He will see you through
Every heartache and failure
Protecting you and yours
If you are kind to the poor

Prosperity will follow you
The Lord will nurse you in sickness
He will restore your health
He will heal your sin
Protect your life
If you are kind to the poor

We are our brothers/sisters keeper
People count with the Lord
He uses us to help the abused
Healing our confusion
Life is often unfair
We must be kind to the poor

Lord I have so little
But I am wealthy in You
Help me to be kind to the poor
To give what I can
To do my best
To be kind to the poor

Clay Corvin
Jerusalem, Israel
January 9, 2019



Before the world created
God provided for our redemption
Raised us up in Jesus
He Already provides the grace
We so desperately need

All of us shifting feet
Dealing with the anxiety of life
Peace comes unbidden
Part of His gift of lIfe

He provides the wisdom
Our heart consistently needs
Blessing us with every
Spiritual blessing
Even before our need

Jesus is God’s everything
Equipping us to be
The kind of person
In our minds eye
We knew we could be

Today draw a line
No more will you roam
Hither and yon
To find the news
Christ has come to you

Let this be your lesson
God has a hold on you
He will not let you stumble
You will never, ever
Be out of His control

Peace and grace aplenty
Joy inside of you
Christ shares all of His blessings
Everyday with you

Clay Corvin



How wicked
Bethsaida, Chorazin and Capernaum.
More evil than the pagans
Jesus did great work here
Totally ignored

The religious had God in a box
Refused to follow Jesus
They knew best
Even though God was on site
They were dead in their trespasses
Deaf in their sin
They thought they were the object

God grace we need
He is Christ the Lord
Came to us
Died for us
Risen to take a stand
Offering us freedom

We live for His glory
He loves us
An Overwhelming love
He Forgives our sin
He Brings us in
He will never let us go

Clay Corvin
Jan 6, 2019

Pray for the proclamation