People are important

Christ died for each one of us

We cannot escape our responsibility

Caring for people is Christ’s work


We have so many gifts

Getting lost in the clutter

What to do?  How to do it?

What shall I be? Always me, my and mine!


Let me help you focus

The Word is Christ

Jesus is Lord

We are not


Our call is to serve

It begins in our family

Learning how to get along is first

If I can’t get along in my family, how can I do God’s work?


Prayer and time with Jesus

Critical elements of harmony

Wisdom, mercy, grace and understanding

Doled out by the bucket full-If we will only ask!


Service is what we do

God’s call to each of us

First to family, then to neighbors

Then to everywhere we go


There is no place where we don’t serve

Our calling is to surrender

Our work comes from obedience

People are important, be His servant


Clay Corvin
July 5, 2019