I’M IN TROUBLE PS 120 A Psalm of Ascent
I’m in trouble again, it surprised me
I will not be overrun by the lies of the world
I repent of my selfish ways
Lord I turn to you, I claim you, your Word, your presence
Remind me Lord that I’m just passing through
Help me to understand that you are here with me
I’m just losing the world
I will never lose you
Ups and downs are part of life, good and bad come and go
Everyone has a hard time, no one escapes difficulty
Heartache and pain walk with us every day
Anxiety and losing are normal in the world
But Jesus is always here, He equips me to survive
To survive and thrive, He brings joy and peace
Even though the world swirls with chaos
Jesus is here, He holds my had and walks with me
Our destiny is with the Lord
We are becoming more like Jesus every day
We love the unlovely, the hurting and hurtful
Christ enables us to continue in the face of loss and pain
He will never leave us
He will give us His strength
Even if we are cut down in our prime
Jesus is still with us and will carry us home
Clay Corvin 
April 5, 2019