Jesus died for me
To set me free
I asked Him in
Christ forgave me

His great gift
Gives me life
Enables me
To sacrifice

Living life
With His strength
Go to Him
To deal with sin

Everyday I ask His way
So that I can become
More like Him
Showing others His way

The entire world
Is looking at me
Will I bend my knee?
Or refuse to serve

In my weakness
Christ gives strength
His strength is needed
For each day of life

Knowing Him
Provides me gain
My life is His
In Jesus name

Exemplary Living-Joy

Joy is my choice
As I live my life
All around excuses
Why, and if, and last

It’s not because I should
It is because I can
I know Jesus
My life is in His hand

Everything I’m facing
Was know before it came
It only shared its presence
When it was on the scene

Man is so limited
What’s great is often bad
The strongest control with evil
Forgetting that they’ve been had

Had by foolish blindness
Overcome by evil’s cloud
The world is in denial
The hand the feel isn’t God

Joy is my portion
I choose to believe the Lord
That He will walk beside me
Through evil, pain or sword

Joy comes from Jesus
Letting Him have my heart
Listening as He teaches
Doing as He asserts

I can be a servant
I can walk God’s way
Faith is the connection
Christ is the key