Praise the Lord-He is my revelation.
Jesus brings the light, giving us life.
Our hearts flooded by His gift of understanding. 
All we see is God’s gift to us. 
Praise the Lord-He is thinking of me.
His Holy Spirit resides in me.
Bringing the presence of the Holy One here.
Never leaving me, carrying me through the rough times. 
Praise the Lord-He brings spiritual wisdom.
So that we can know by faith His blessings.
The ability to pray over there with Him. 
His throne room my spiritual appointment. 
Praise the Lord-guidance for today.
Taking care of tomorrow. 
His watch word for me is do not fear.
Jesus our Lord and Savior changes life for me. 
Praise the Lord-one day soon I will be with Him.
Seeing Jesus face to face.
Reconnecting with loved ones.
Knowing God, our wonderful gracious God, forever. 
Nov. 9, 2023