Dark days surround us, popping up at inopportune times

We cling to hope, Christ our Lord

As we stumble and grope our way along

We know things will work out one day

Praying today is the day


If it isn’t, our hope is still there

We care and believe and move on


Dark days surround us, past, present and future

We know the way, that will carry each day

Claim our place at the Master’s throne

Explain our pain, expound our lack of gain

He will listen, He knows all about us


I have a choice, as do you

Choose to see with my Lord’s eyes

By faith know it is true, what He says He will do

Thinking in terms of His love for me, focusing on His promises

Refusing to believe the enemies lies, Jesus is Lord of all


My life has meaning and purpose, momentary setbacks

A constancy of purpose, seeking to grow and mature

The next step, the next step, each move guided

The Lord is here, He is near, He never leaves me

Knowing this, I live to serve, I live under authority of the Lord Himself


Today is another day of victory, they add up quick

We will stand in His presence more quickly than we know

Jesus our Lord and guide, He has a place for us in His krewe

It’s a day for singing, remembering past success

How He broke thru the gloom and doom, the lies destroyed again and again


I cling to the old rugged Cross, His victory emblazoned for all

Jesus is Lord and King, the way of the Cross for me


Clay Corvin

10/12/19 – study in Northport