HIS claim unchanged – preserve justice and do righteousness
OUR claim unchanged- we do what we want when we want to do it
We subrogate God’s manifest demands
Inserting worship attendance and denominational purity
Look at us doing HIS will
We argue who is most pure – who is most correct – the Temple over all else

Isaiah declares Israel’s deviation – their transgressions
Israel loved religious practice – they learned nothing in the exile
They like us were active in reminding God what HE owed them
Look how pure our worship is – Why would you send tragedy upon us
The World and its ways are horrible – YET we stand before you properly pure
Our lifestyle reeks of sin – we lie cheat and steal, quarrel, gossip, self centered
Hooray for me and to heck with you – self proclaimed, needy ignored, no morality
God cannot stand to be in our presence- foolish people that never learn
Always admonishing others when we ourselves are desperately in need of forgiveness
We cannot hide our hearts or our actions from the Lord – Jesus calls us – change

The Lord isn’t paying attention to us – our religious practice is ungodly
We ignore the widow, the orphan and the poor – We demand life on our terms
Serving God, living the righteous life isn’t a CAFETERIA LINE
We are a nation whose hands are defiled with the blood of abortion
Liars prosper even in the church – pastors are corporate executives – living the high life
Tithing is old school – we live our lives without concern for the poor or lost
Jesus demands truth and honesty – we call evil good and good evil
A pastor preaches the Word and we decamp him – searching for someone to tickle our ears
With our feet we follow Jesus – with our feet we run from sin
If there is something lacking in our righteous walk – we have walked away from God

Yet Jesus loves us – while we were dead in our sin Jesus died for us – His love complete
Salvation is provided by the Lord – HE is able to save us – to save us completely, eternally
He will forgive us – He will equip us – He will walk with us
Isaiah said He will forgive – He will forgive you
There is salvation in no one else – Jesus saves – Jesus saves

Clay Corvin – August 8, 2015