YOU – PROVERBS 4:20-26

YOU – PROVERBS 4:20-26

The Christian Walk is a call for YOU
Outlining the who, what, when, where of a daily Christian Life
Let me say again and again-Pray, walk and do
A Christian is called to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord Jesus
We don’t tell others how to walk this way-we share the Gospel
The Lost always act like the lost-dead in their trespasses and sin
We commend ourselves to walk this way-His Words caution YOU

How then shall we live? What are the things we do?
Pray, read God’s Word, listen to the Holy Spirit, be an ambassador

Read the Word of God
Our lives are a work of grace-Jesus loves you
He tells you about his love, his mercy and grace
Packaged in the Bible-a living Word to his children
Guiding us to live Godly lives, forgiving lives, and consecrated lives
Remember his Word, Jesus is alive, the Holy Spirit quickens our soul
His Word brings health to our physical body, it is living in us

Discipline your life-learning to be kind and gentle – people need Jesus
Set aside grudges-bear evil for no one – confess your sin and change
Give the Lord Jesus your bad thoughts
He will remove your stinking thinking and give you positive thoughts
He made us, He knows us, daily surrender to Him-do what He says

Watch your mouth – set aside cursing – don’t do it
Swallow your hard words – stop your gossip
Today proclaim in word and deed that you will only say good

We have eyelids so we can close our eyes to lustful evil
Pornography out of your life – quit lustful thinking
Remember discipline – when you start down the evil road
Grab yourself as soon as you can and ask Jesus to put you back on His road
Run from sexual sin – it capitavates your soul
You cannot be whole caught up in sexual sin – Jesus will cleanse you

People count with Jesus – you certainly do – He died for you
Everyone you see – saved or lost – count with Jesus
We are called as a Christ partner to make sure they know they count
Proclaim the Word of God in love – especially to a brother or sister
Be the Word of God to the Lost – love them, pray for them, live kindly with them
Jesus is Lord, He is Lord of all – The Christian walk is a call for YOU

August 1, 2015
Clay Corvin – ,

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