God Has a Word for YOU Hebrews 1:1-5


GOD has a Word for you – Jesus
Creation is groaning in bondage – Jesus
The truth has been presented to us – Jesus
Christians act like pagans – Jesus
God’s Word to you – His saving Word – His healing word – Jesus

How can we learn to believe?
How can we teach others to believe?
How can we communicate the Gospel?
What can we do to lead the lost to Christ?
A life focused on Christ, available, usable, open, loving is the How

Jesus is the way
Christ is the all-inclusive Word of God
He is the Alpha and Omega – the first and the last
Jesus is the heir of all things, the boundary of history
Everything we need for a God-like life is found in Jesus

Jesus is the Creator
Everything comes from His hand –absolute, complete, total
He is the originator of all life processes
Before Abraham was born I AM
Jesus is Lord of all – He is Lord indeed

Jesus sustains all things
He is untouchable, unseeable, unweighable, pure force
Everything exists in Him
All things are maintained by Him
Jesus is God’s everything, just like God, He is God

Jesus is the redeemer
He satisfies our deepest need
He is our God connection-the only way to the Father
Our world desperately needs to be redeemed
Jesus was the blood sacrifice-His blood pays the price for our redemption

Jesus is greater than angels
He is not a servant
He is the Son of God –He has all authority from the Father
He is the beginning and the end, the originator and sustainer
The heir of all things, Jesus Christ is our Savior

Clay Corvin August 22, 2015