We follow Jesus, looking for His wisdom, mercy, grace and understanding
Seeking to have a mind like His, surrendered and committed to doing the Father’s will
Holy Spirit indwelling us, giving us what we need and cannot earn
His guidance, our forgiveness, Father Son and Holy Spirit ONE
Attitude check – Jesus is Lord- Remember this every minute of every day

God has a plan, His plan includes you, but you must choose to be part of it
Daily building your relationship with Jesus, by prayer and His Word
What we do counts, we can choose to be free from sin, it cannot control us
Jesus gives us the choice to walk away from sin, we are the one that must do that
Asking Him for forgiveness and strength and His control of our life

People count with Jesus, they must count with us
All people count, the good, the bad, friend and foe, Jesus died for each one of us
We are called to go, to go tell the World the Gospel Message
Jesus loves you, He died for you, He gives you new life, you are no longer an outsider
Jesus paid the price for our sin and His free gift is new life in Himself

We live for Jesus, we love because of Jesus, we are equipped by Jesus
It’s all about Him, He calls us to talk about eternal things
Forgiveness, salvation, power, strength, life and light- Jesus is alive in us
Jesus is God’s everything, we don’t begin with Him and move on to something better
We begin with Jesus, grow with Jesus, serve Jesus, follow Jesus and one day we will see Him

We serve the Lord High God, Jesus our Creator seeks to use us as His representative
Glorifying the Father, we praise His name, we do His work, we love one another
Jesus would that all be saved, we are proclaiming His name until He returns
We are not responsible for someone’s decision, we are responsible to tell them
Together we will serve Him, Together we live with Jesus and one another

Do not despair, your life belongs to Jesus and He will not desert you
Do not fear, Jesus is Lord and all things belong to Him-the victory is won
Do not stumble away, pay attention to your life, stay close to Jesus
Do read His Word daily, do turn away from evil, do let Jesus change you
And Jesus will give you the Father’s peace and joy-Jesus loves you

Clay Corvin July 18, 2015