JESUS IS ALL I NEED – Galatians 1:1-5

JESUS IS ALL I NEED – Galatians 1:1-5

Saved by grace thru faith
Focused on Jesus
He is the only way – No other way to the Father
Not by works, not by change
Salvation in Jesus only– Jesus is all I need

He died on the cross
His life for mine
His blood paid my price – my slate is clean
His love overcame my hate
I owe everything to Him – Jesus is all I need

His work on the Cross-delivered me from this present evil age
He sent the Holy Spirit to reside in His children
No reason to be bound – No longer shackled to sin
Heaven is here in me – not by and by, right now
I’m living in victory – Jesus is all I need

Jesus and the Father are one – together they tasked the Son
To come to Earth and save my soul
To suffer and die that I might become whole
It was God the Father – It was God’s will – God’s plan
Jesus surrendered to the Father’s will – no surprise – Jesus is all I need

It is God’s will that you be saved – He paid a heavy price for you
Come to Christ – Surrender your will to His – ask Him into your heart
For God so loved you that He gave His only son that you might be saved
Surrender now – let His love and forgiveness empower you
Jesus is Lord and He loves you, Jesus is all you need

Clay Corvin 7/4/2015