I missed it – my lack of attention dooming me
To be used – a slave to convention
Little caring how foolish I would be – enslaved to my emotion
Christ calls us to focus – discipline – train
To equip us – to care for us – to be our partners
This world is a harsh place – every day we need Jesus and His grace

Jesus loves you and me – His love changes us
If we will let Him in to train us – guiding us through activity to discipline
Sin is an evil foe – slipperier than we ever know – always seeking our death
Saved to serve –Jesus calls us to the fight – only I can sideline myself
Fighting the same fight each day – doomed to failure by my laziness
We minister in relative obscurity – seeking our 15 minutes of fame

I am pressed by sin each moment of each day – pushed to claim my way
Jesus calls me to surrender – Jesus knows I can’t win without Him
Satan knows that he can’t lose – if he keeps me stirred up
Satan encourages me to become overwhelmed – I deserve to be able to sin
Satan whispers in my ear – do it again – it feels good so surely it can’t hurt you
I wake up further from Jesus than I ever thought I would go – help me Lord

Jesus says He will help me be brave – He will stand with me and carry me
I have to give up my self rule – give it to Christ – Let Jesus have my life
Yes I will still sin – He will forgive me – claiming my focus Jesus will teach me
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus becomes my incessant cry – He is king of me, I will not die
His love, His wisdom, His mercy, His grace change me- He breaks the chains holding me
I am free – it is my right in Christ – Jesus has a hold on me-in surrender I am free

All of us – you – me as members of the body of Christ – are called to a Jesus life
More like Him – less like me is my daily mantra – I follow Jesus- I belong to Him
Read His Word – Spend time with Him – Pray
Strive in Christ to make your faith you practice – Not what I want Jesus-What you want
The question for me- Am I doing better than yesterday?
Today I will strive with Christ as my guide to do the next right thing

Clay Corvin June 20, 2015

Eph 3:1-20