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Courage and strength
Standing alone
Knowing Jesus cared
He would not fold

Seven days on a rooftop
More than a hundred souls
He found and freed
The water wouldn’t leave

Neither would Michael
He could not go
This was his home
He would not be overthrown

Standing alone
Three hundred days
Others returning
Their land he saved

Sometimes a man
Must draw a line
Here I stand

This life is mine

Courage and strength
Standing alone
Michael was God’s man
The lower ninth still his home
 Clay Corvin 7/20/06


I often wondered
Why old folks said
I’m looking forward
To see Jesus

I love you Lord
I want to stay
I’m anxious for the day
I can serve and play

Growing a family
With a godly wife
Children born
Facing strife

Still when old folks
Said I’m ready
To go and see
Jesus and His home for me

Why? I said
Too much to do
Jesus calls
I’m serving YOU

Business comes and goes
I love this work I have
Christ exalted
Eternity proclaimed

Faithfulness lived
Things are tough
I caught myself
Thinking Lord it’s too much

But no, dawn came
I went on my way
Soul lifted up
By Jesus’ healing touch

Now I’m old
By the world’s count
I’m ready to see Jesus
Eager to be at His knee

Clay Corvin


Magic girl-can do all things
Admiration due
You are always you

Wisest one-I thank the Lord
I’ve had a chance to know
A woman Christ loves so

Working out-His strength in love
You leave no stone unturned
His law you live and learn

Joy and peace your partners
Henchmen at your side
Doing things others dream of
His life is your guide

Friend and faithful servant
Results are your mark
You never fail His heart
Each day a strong new start

Husband, son and family
Valued by your life
Devoted loving mother
Serving is your delight

Clay Corvin


Just a guest
Filled with blues
Jesus came
I cannot lose

All the ways
I choose to live
Does not change
The strength of God’s grip

I’m HIS guest
My life HIS gift
With value and worth
I cannot miss

Inside I cry
For all I’ve lost
A foolish thought
For I’ve been bought

The price was high
The payment complete
Christ gave me life
He set me free

Born for love
Distracted quick
Too often scared
I forget HIS stick

His presence near
To heal my hurt
Building life
Removing the dirt

Swifter than a breath
Suffering He’ll remove
A relationship with Jesus
Will defeat this world’s blues

Clay Corvin 5/31/06 from Psalm 39

A Christ Centered Life

Every detail of your life comes from a God who loves you!

I. ACTIVITY (6,7) “ must continue to follow HIM”
a. GROW-rooted and built up
b. SURRENDER-follow Him
c. APPLY-His activity in you to the world around you
i. Forgiveness
ii. Fellowship
iii. Relationship
a. WORLD-every day
b. FLESH-every area
c. DEVIL-victory out of life’s defeat
a. Christ in you-shapes you
b. Christ completes-enables
c. Christ eternal-VICTORY
a. He forgives
b. He cleanses
c. He gives us a new nature
Clay Corvin

Grow child
Grab the Lord
Let your heart
Grow deep
Entwined in Him
Down and down
HELD from head to feet
By His eternal strength
Reaching to eternity
From this moment in time
Christ is strong and able
He will not forget
Let Him have your fear

Offer Him your thoughts
Focus all you think
Upon His grace and care
Joyous in His love
Jesus is complete
I will bend my knee
Jesus sets me free

Clay Corvin


Unknown all around
Grabbing at my throat
Pushing down on me
My heart grasps for control

Hate and destruction
Stirring up my soul
Evil seeks to hold
Desperation is my goal

Jesus came to me
A new heart set me free
I can choose to grow
Satan has lost his hold

Moved to gratitude
Faith helps me hold
Limitation not in control
Love is my new goal

Listen as I live
See the things I do
Living life with you
Jesus lives in me

Love is His advice
No more sad little life
Celebration is my key
Anxiety go from me

Clay Corvin


Why do I worry?
Why do I plea?
My life has a purpose
Jesus uses me

Unseen evil lurking
I will often fail
Out of sight
His victory
In Jesus I am well

So many issues
I’m not in charge
Bending self
To Jesus use
A beginning for my heart

See the sun shine brightly
While in a soul is gloom
The Father sent man Jesus
To remove us from evil’s doom

I can be and will be
Equipped in spite of self
The path I walk is worthy
Because Jesus gave His best

Jesus is all we need
To a life of victory
Giving us release

Clay Corvin


Grace, grace
A gift from Jesus Christ
Equipping me to be
A person Jesus uses
Making me alive and free

Grace, grace
Conquering my sin
Bringing me to Jesus
Giving what I need
Spending time with Him

Grace, grace
My heartfelt plea
Reviving me
When trouble takes its toll
Remaking me

Grace, grace
Calling out to me
Come follow Jesus
Obey His voice
Peace comes free

Grace, grace
All I need
To help me see
Jesus with me
I belong to Christ

Clay Corvin


Life has not conquered
Death cannot destroy
Jesus sees my hurting
Bringing victory in His hand

Guiding me through darkness
The unseen is so cold
He brings warmth for living
Jesus is my goal

Service is His calling
Love His gracious gift
Leading me to conquer
The fear that life emits

Giving me His calmness
Strong hand on my heart
Tomorrow is not a worry
Fear must depart

Free to be a servant
Strength to be myself
My life has a purpose
More than things and self

Jesus Lord and Savior
King of life and death
Equips me to be a blessing
To be used as His best

Living at the pace of life
Looking towards my Lord
When life gives me failure
Victory is with the Lord

Clay Corvin


This is the day
The Lord has made
He was here
Before I came

Knowing all
That soon would pass
He knows my path
The road I’ve trod

Teach me
To number my days
Claiming life
Before it can pass

Enough to guide
My future way
Enough to know
Choices I face

Christ is all
And all in me
Creating strength
I’m able to see

Now I go
The way He guides
This life I lead
This trail He knows

Clay Corvin 1/31/06