Category - Poetry


Do you care?
Are you here?
What is the thing?
That brings you near

Is there anyone you love
If you do can you give
What is good and right for them
Give the thing that enables them

Christ is life
Whoever you are
Christ is light
For traveling far

In the Lord
We have love
In the Lord
We get strength from above

What can we do?
For all we meet
What can we give?
That will equip them to live

All I have
All I give
Jesus is Lord
He helps me live

What I am
What I can be
Is wound in Christ
He guides me

My life counts
My heart is strong
You are important
Don’t live alone

Life in Christ is victory
If I care for others
I will share God’s son
Christ in them and they have won


I abandon all to thee
My heart, my life complete
When you are more
Than the thing I fear
Success comes to my door

Christ is all and in all
He can reach the source
For victory over hidden things
That bedevils and disheartens

I walk a step
And try so hard
For a season I have success
But victory comes
When Christ has won
Every corner of my heart

When I want Jesus
More than it
I will march straight to Christ
And He will loose the bonds
That holds my will so tight

Standing close to Christ
To know Him more
And serve His way
Convictions and consistency
Take care of themselves
I will walk Christ’s way


I had a smile
It touched a heart
They hurt inside
I didn’t know

I lent a hand
It eased a burden
They prayed for help
I didn’t know

A person hurt
I listened
It helped
I didn’t know

I was a friend
It saved a life
They felt worth
I didn’t know

I carried peace
God in me
Christ shined through
I didn’t know

Actions count
The things I do
Impact people
Just like you

Kindness planted
Caring results
Peace in Christ
Bears results


Do what Christ says
It’s for your best
So that you won’t suffer
And life won’t be a mess

When life is unraveling
Stop in your sin
Get back with Jesus
Begin where sin ends

Obedience happens
When I change
And discipline my actions
In line with Christ’s refrain

Do what the Father
Says I should do
Quickly without quibbling
I will bend my knee to YOU

It identifies my heart
It says that God is true
Even though I can’t see Him
My actions say I do

Discipline comes so slowly
Obedience is its stairs
I walk each day with Jesus
So that life will no longer stare


One more time with feeling
I thank you Lord for life
Everyday with Jesus
I daily take His advice

I’m not alone now
Even though the journey is rough
My bags are getting lighter
As I rejoice in Christ’s love

Peace with the Father
Amidst the pain of life
Reminds me of my journey
Life doesn’t last

But Christ is my Savior
My journey belongs to Him
He calls me to worship
And spend time with Him

Everyday I’m searching
For this day’s joy
I find it in unlikely places
Christ is already there

My inner soul is joyous
Life cannot destroy
The peace I have in Jesus
His life provides my joy


Jesus died for me
To set me free
I asked Him in
Christ forgave me

His great gift
Gives me life
Enables me
To sacrifice

Living life
With His strength
Go to Him
To deal with sin

Everyday I ask His way
So that I can become
More like Him
Showing others His way

The entire world
Is looking at me
Will I bend my knee?
Or refuse to serve

In my weakness
Christ gives strength
His strength is needed
For each day of life

Knowing Him
Provides me gain
My life is His
In Jesus name

Exemplary Living-Joy

Joy is my choice
As I live my life
All around excuses
Why, and if, and last

It’s not because I should
It is because I can
I know Jesus
My life is in His hand

Everything I’m facing
Was know before it came
It only shared its presence
When it was on the scene

Man is so limited
What’s great is often bad
The strongest control with evil
Forgetting that they’ve been had

Had by foolish blindness
Overcome by evil’s cloud
The world is in denial
The hand the feel isn’t God

Joy is my portion
I choose to believe the Lord
That He will walk beside me
Through evil, pain or sword

Joy comes from Jesus
Letting Him have my heart
Listening as He teaches
Doing as He asserts

I can be a servant
I can walk God’s way
Faith is the connection
Christ is the key