Category - Poetry


Knowing God
In peace and grace
Standing at the tiger’s face
Jesus guides me home

Knowing God
When failure comes
His strength defends
The future’s son

Knowing God
In chaos deep
Grabbing hold of His feet
Jesus never fails

Knowing God
When times are tough
He listens as I cry
His love cleans my eyes

Knowing God
When I don’t know
What will come or go
I stand upon eternal life..made in Jesus Christ

Knowing God
I bend my knee
All I am I give to Thee
Tell me what to do

Knowing God
Will never go
My love will grow
Each day I know

Knowing God
My questions stop
Answers aren’t the key
It is Jesus Christ in me

Clay Corvin 11/05/05


What will I do?
O my King and Lord
As suffering rules each day
As darkness rules the night

I claim the SON
To give me living sight
That sees beyond the gloom
Confidence rules my life

You are always with me
Walking in my pain
Giving me assurance
In tragedy flowers still bloom

He is here inside my heart
Ruling my life with peace
Giving me Godly wisdom
To claim victory out of defeat

Jesus holds my future
Troubles can’t change that
I claim my Savior’s victory
In life I will not fear death

Clay Corvin 10/23/05


I was stunned
Fear came down
All that I held dear
Disappeared before my eyes
I couldn’t think
I lost control
I could not hold
The vision guiding me

Everything was changed
Nothing remained
All around was tragedy
My world was dark
Had I been wrong
What about my song?
But it wasn’t about me
We all needed help
Fear walked our land

This is the time to think
Time to be calm
Step by step
Rebuilding my resolve
Lord I need You
Be my eyes and feet
Hold my hand
As I walk in quicksand
Bring me through this fog

Restoration is the key
Not a time to mourn
Keep moving along
Do the right thing
No feelings required
Something greater than me
Is at work in my land
Take the Father’s hand
Wait upon the Lord

I don’t have to know
I cannot change these facts
I am not in control
But I know who controls me

He has set me free
This façade I’ve lived
Is not the truth
Serve the Lord with gladness
Jesus is here

Eternity is marching
Reaching into me
I can be His man
Serving where I am
Not for what I get
But because He loves me
Jesus has my hand
His love never fails
Christ loves me

Clay Corvin 10/20/05


Like Jesus
I will be
He lives
Inside of me
Expressing His desire
By the things I say and do

To many times
I want things my way
I can’t tell the times
It’s simply spending time
Kneeling at Jesus feet

Willingly I give
As I experience His love
Knowing I am His
His life in me
Changes all I do
Enabling me to see
The need in you

Today is the time
Holiness begins now
Setting time aside
To let Him abide
In my heart and mind
He is all I see
Jesus lives in me

Clay Corvin 10/03/05


No other god
Can set you free
Listen as I speak
“I’m in love with you”

All your life
You’ve sought my look
All your life
You’ve prayed

Now I’m here
To say to you
I’m listening
I love you

Light is here
It will guide your path
Especially when it’s dark
And you think you’ve lost your way

My gentle hand
Is strong and kind
My nudge will guide you
On a path that leads to me

I’m a jealous God
I want your time
Seek my face
All the time

Know that I am here for you
I died for you
I forgive you
I love you

Clay Corvin 09/24/05


I feel the pain
The rain
The wind
A hurricane coming
It’s back again

How can I know
A way to free
The hurting hearts
That soon will be

What is there
To strengthen them
Jesus Christ is here
He is within

Takes us through
The brutal hurt
Carrying our future
It’s not disturbed

Knowing we can be
As good as we were
Reminding me or mortality
Life comes from above

All the fullness
All the fear
A hurricane nears
I feel the pain

Jesus is the answer
Whenever we’re doubt
Jesus is the key
To learn what life’s about

All I am and hope to be
Wrapped up in Christ
He’s set me free
This world is not my home

Clay Corvin 9/22/05


Humans standing by our hearts
Reaching out to see
Plans can often fall aside
Jesus walks with me

I’m surprised and mortified
Aghast is a better word
The Lord knows and sees the rush
The future is consuming me

I want to serve
To carry His crown
My simple plans obstruct
The freeway of His love

I set aside my pain and hurt
Sharing with those in need
I find the salve of loving
Heals the pain in me

God is good in everyway
We are only here a day
His plan for each one of us
Trust the Lord; obey

Clay Corvin 9/8/05


Homeless folks
Stripped of goods
Hands to God on high
Useful hearts
Unfettered and free
Jesus, use me

Homeless folks
Once were crowned
With all and lavish goods
Now the truth is plain to see
The world is a transient place
Jesus has a hold on me

Homeless folks
Filled with hope
Looking for the sight
Of heaven’s streets
Eternal trees
The place where we can see

Homeless folks
We serve God
He is Lord of all
What a blessing
To know His care
His strength carries me

Homeless folks
Stand with me
Each of us has a fear
Holding hands
We serve the Lord
Showing His loving care

Clay Corvin 9/05/05


So very difficult
To see ahead
What am I doing?
What has God said?
Promises filled
With sacrifice
Human life
Desperate with strife

Am I the one?
To work this plan
Did your vision connect?
With the one you said
Or should I fold
Strike my tent
Continue walking
As if heaven sent?

Who can know?
With certainty
That what they do
Is meant for them
Plans despaired
Life impaired
I want certainty
I can live without flair

Yet the march
Continues on
Time is prodding
I could be alone
Yet you are here
I know it is true
I want to know you
Before I come home

Clay Corvin 9/22/05


Tomorrow shines with promise
Today casts a darkened pall
Unable to see my way clear
I flail and discomfort all

Grabbing hold of what I see
Cutting my umbelical cord
The Lord of all has a hold on me
Faith is the security from fall

All is gone in the blink of an eye
Things we see destroyed
Things that last
Cannot comfort frenzied minds

Call me to your strong right side
Lord hold me as I plod
Remind me that the future is yours
Today will not destroy my ride

Father help me walk with you
To build a relationship each day
Reach into this heart so shaken
Comfort me in your arms

Joy comes upon the dawn
Riding with faith and grace
Give me strength to care and love
Today is the place I serve

Clay Corvin 9/15/05