I was stunned
Fear came down
All that I held dear
Disappeared before my eyes
I couldn’t think
I lost control
I could not hold
The vision guiding me

Everything was changed
Nothing remained
All around was tragedy
My world was dark
Had I been wrong
What about my song?
But it wasn’t about me
We all needed help
Fear walked our land

This is the time to think
Time to be calm
Step by step
Rebuilding my resolve
Lord I need You
Be my eyes and feet
Hold my hand
As I walk in quicksand
Bring me through this fog

Restoration is the key
Not a time to mourn
Keep moving along
Do the right thing
No feelings required
Something greater than me
Is at work in my land
Take the Father’s hand
Wait upon the Lord

I don’t have to know
I cannot change these facts
I am not in control
But I know who controls me

He has set me free
This fa├žade I’ve lived
Is not the truth
Serve the Lord with gladness
Jesus is here

Eternity is marching
Reaching into me
I can be His man
Serving where I am
Not for what I get
But because He loves me
Jesus has my hand
His love never fails
Christ loves me

Clay Corvin 10/20/05