Category - Poetry


Cold and lonely
I’m looking for you
To hold my hand
Remind me I’m grand
Help me

I’ve made so many bad choices
My rope is cut
No knot
No hope
Then you came by

It was your smile
I wanted one like that
My search began
I walked behind you
Just to see where you would go

I saw you speak to others
You helped them
Cross the street
Picking up their bags
Carrying them a few feet

I know you
You are a lot like me
And yet you appear to be free
What do you have?
I’m watching

My friend died
I hurt so bad
You shared with me
That you cared
How Jesus had set you free

I want to be free
Jesus save me
He did and now I’m not alone
I saw them in pain
I held out my hand

They joined me
We walked a way
Tomorrow I’ll be back
We can sit and talk
You count with me

One by one
We come into God’s house
It is always the same
People touch people
Community comes through you and me

Clay Corvin 8/23/05


Look at Me
Right where you sit
Sin can ravage you
Stop and renew

Listen now
I’m speaking
Guiding your precious heart
Don’t feel the loss
I value you

Move along
Sing My song
Your life is good
I have a plan for you

Bend your knee
Give Me your pain
I will fix your life
Open up your heart
Do the things that help you

Never think there is gain
When you cower in pain
Let me renew
The life I’ve given you

Joy is your choice
I offer it to you
Lay down evil toys
Come and live true

Jesus is the choice
He will cleanse your soul
Giving you the strength you need
To live and be whole

Clay Corvin 8/21/05


We will know Him when we meet Him
The unknowable One
No name can describe Him
He is the only ONE

Idols are very easy
They are something we want
Strength or peace or presence
We make them as we please

The Lord God is sovereign
We cannot make Him
Nor can we control Him
No one is like Him

Love is His nature
He really loves you and me
So that we would know
Truth died on a tree

That tree was our bondage
That act set us free
Believe and trust Jesus
And you will be free

Free from this moment
Free eternally
The ravages of this world
Will have to set you free

Claim the truth
That’s Jesus
Here to guide you home
Home to the Father
That’s where we belong

Clay Corvin 8/20/05


That’s the way to do
Bend your knee to God
Ask Him to forgive you
Ask Him for new life

Listen to His teaching
Read His laws
In each law is wisdom
To help you when you fall

Learn the wisdom of the ages
We do what we are
The only truth we know
Is the truth we do

Stand up
Fight for goodness
No idols in your life
Let Jesus cleanse your heart

Stop with your complaining
It will not be your way
Evil comes a calling
It will have its pay

God is love and mercy
Jesus came to us
True power is in sacrifice
You cannot love too much

Forgive those who hurt you
Work for the peace
Give your heart to Jesus
He will give you peace

Clay Corvin 8/20/05


Don’t waste your time
Begging a stone
What can death?
Do for you

Look to Christ
The King of Kings
To take control
Deliver you

Feeling great
No judgment day
We think forever
Die today

Always looking
To others gifts
If I had
Becomes our quip

Stand your group
Be yourself
Bend your knee
Cry for help

Life is hard
The future bold
Grinding you
All you hold

Listen as the Lord God speaks
No Idols
Come to Me
My love will set you free

Clay Corvin 8/20/05


This is God
He’s my friend
He died for me

He lives in me
My heart beats free
Death cannot hold me

This is God
He made me
To live and serve the truth

Jesus Christ the righteous
Truth from God
Gives His life to me

This is God
He knows my name
Hearing all my needs

Guiding every step I take
Knowing every move I will make
Offering Himself to me

This is God
Ruling all
Loving and complete

I know my way
I live today
My life is in His hand

Clay Corvin 8/20/05


We need a living God
Guiding us each day
Let go of those idols
They pull you away

Away from loving
Away from truth
Away from happiness
Into futile pursuit

Look at your habits
Traditions load you down
Hate for others
Causes you to drown

Drown in your sorrow
Pity deep and swift
Blinding you to wisdom
Ending in your defeat

We need a living God
To listen as we speak
Giving us solutions
Before we are old and weak

Choose to follow Jesus
Choose to claim your life
Step out of the shadows
No idols in this life

Clay Corvin 8/20/05


Jesus lives among us
Moses saw His face
Knowing God almighty
Kept Moses in his place

Wonder, awe and glory
All belong to God
His character is perfection
He looks for us with love

Worship is our power
To build His strength in us
Becoming pure and holy
By Jesus precious blood

His heart is always caring
As disaster grabs our flesh
Life is always seeking
To push God from His place

First His plan claims our lives
We choose to serve or not
Joy is in the journey
When the Lord has our heart

Second we can worship
Building up our love
To Him is to love Him
Jesus paid the price for us

Third Christ gives us value
Life and light each day
Wisdom becomes our master
As worship fills our day

Clay Corvin 8/13/05


God and God alone
King of kings
Lord of lords
Sitting on His throne
Every thought for each of us
A loving thought for good

God and God alone
Cares for us
Knowing all our pain
He is healing
His love will set us free
His wisdom guiding you and me

God and God alone
Records His children’s name
On His eternal hand
He always sees
His plan for you and me
He will not let us fail

God and God alone
All praise and honor due
He loves us through and through
Dying on Calvary’s tree
His blood bringing life to you and me
Jesus equips us to live

God and God alone
In Him we belong
His family is our home
In His church we belong
Living in victory
He will save you and me

Clay Corvin 8/13/05


Man lived in darkness
Until the Lord revealed
How much He loved Him
He came to us here

Man fought God’s loving
Refusing to obey
Instead choosing failure
That’s the price pagans pay

Claiming us in Israel
The Lord carried them
Took them home from Egypt
Many continued in sin

Nothing they could pay Him
He did it because He loves
Concerned for their future
He lived with them by love

He carries us on angel’s wings
Active in our lives
Nothing can destroy us
The Lord gives good advice

He has a right to claim us
We are made in His form
The world wants to destroy
Each child that claims Christ’s name

In Jesus we have refuge
In The Lord is our strength
His love is overpowering
His presence compels our belief

Clay Corvin 8/13/05