Cold and lonely
I’m looking for you
To hold my hand
Remind me I’m grand
Help me

I’ve made so many bad choices
My rope is cut
No knot
No hope
Then you came by

It was your smile
I wanted one like that
My search began
I walked behind you
Just to see where you would go

I saw you speak to others
You helped them
Cross the street
Picking up their bags
Carrying them a few feet

I know you
You are a lot like me
And yet you appear to be free
What do you have?
I’m watching

My friend died
I hurt so bad
You shared with me
That you cared
How Jesus had set you free

I want to be free
Jesus save me
He did and now I’m not alone
I saw them in pain
I held out my hand

They joined me
We walked a way
Tomorrow I’ll be back
We can sit and talk
You count with me

One by one
We come into God’s house
It is always the same
People touch people
Community comes through you and me

Clay Corvin 8/23/05