Lord I love you, You are my strength, my salvation
Jesus saves me completely, giving me wisdom, mercy, grace and understanding
I stand amazed Lord, You Father, give me direction for living
Jesus brings me close, Christ is my connection to You, In Him is the victory
He shed His blood for me, He paid the price for my forgiveness
In Jesus I have freedom, I can choose my way and you guide me Lord

We reason by the heart and reason doesn’t know what the heart reasons
You Lord are my Rock, you are lasting, standing upon you I can see ahead
The horizon is no longer obscured for I see hope, and joy and peace and victory
The Lord is my fortress, there is safety in YOU
Now my life is protected, I am not alone for you are always with me
Jesus is my deliverer, I am personally connected with Him and the Father
The outcome of my life is assured, Jesus is with me for me and in me
Praise the Lord I belong to Him and he belongs to me
He is my God, I count, He gives me value, I have a plan for my life
The Lord knows my name, my activities, nothing I do is hidden from Him

My confidence in Jesus is an expression of spiritual truths
I belong to the Lord, my life has meaning, I am His ambassador
Jesus is my elder brother, today is of utmost importance to God
Every moment of my life is dear to Him, what I do, what I say
In Jesus every step we take is on our journey of victory
I am able, He will equip me, keep growing, keep learning
Let the Lord God work out His victory in everything I do
In Jesus we have His imagination at work in us, He gives us understanding

Call upon the Lord, right now shout to Jesus
He is listening, we can praise Him for He is worthy of all of our praise
We can rejoice in Him for His plans for us are great and wonderful
Claim His peace, call out to Him, Lord I need you
Praise Him again and again, with every breath praise Him
Our victory is assured, Jesus is the victor
The battle is won by Jesus the PERFECT SAVIOR, WARRIOR OF GOD
The Servant of the Lord is our Savior, Praise His name He is Lord

Clay Corvin August 29, 2015