Author - Clay Corvin

YOU CAN LIVE IN VICTORY-Colossians 2:1-23

a. Personal relationship
b. Changed life
c. Daily time
d. Giving heart
a. Do not be deceived, life is hard
b. Claim God’s promises
c. Repent when you sin
d. Surrender to the Lord every moment
a. Jesus is God’s everything
b. He lives in you
c. Your life counts (people count with God)
d. Death in Christ brings life
a. Deny the demons-God HAS SAID
b. Repudiate your past
c. Look to heaven
a. Be changed
b. Be confident
c. Be controlled by Christ
d. Be happy-count your blessings


Come to Jesus
Ask Him true
Forgive my sin
Save me for You

Build in me
Eternal life
It’s a gift
To deal with strife

Know Jesus
He is the way
Ask Him in
Now, today

All the world
Wants its rule
Bending the knee
Is refused as the way

You can have
Life in Christ
It’s your choice
It’s your life

It’s up to you
What will you do?
Choose the Lord
Let Him have you


It’s a rough road
When you’re alone
All that trouble
No one home

The past is full
Of if I could
The future bleak
I never would

Conscience screams
You are lost
The world is evil
You’ve paid your cost

Change is gone
You will never count
Forget the good
You’re self bound

Foolish thoughts
Actions dumb
I cannot think
Of when I’ve won

Then Jesus comes
To fill your life
He brings with Him
Strength and a heart

You can win
You should you know
Your life is His
Your way He chose

Victory within
Begins right now
The Lord of life
Will show you how

Every day He lives in you
To build your life
To see you through
Knowing Jesus is life


Life is hard
Don’t forget
Bumps and bruises
Typify it

Christ in you
Is victory
Your life is His
In Him you win

Claim His Word
It’s written to you
7,000 promises
To see you through

He knows the things
That gets your goat
Bend your knee
Ask for hope

And when you sin
Confess to Him
I was wrong
Please come in

Ask Him for
This moment’s strength
He will change your thoughts
He will fight your sin

Be of God
Walk His way
Change those things
That hurt you today

And when you change
Your strength will grow
Surrender all
And Christ you will know


In the Lord
I find my strength
To deal with life
To live like Christ

He is Lord
He rules my life
I seek His face
I ask His advice

What Christ says
I hear and do
His change in me
Will bless you

The value of
God’s victory
Is from
The pain I knew

Pain of hurt
That stalked my path
Calling me
In failure’s plea

Now I live
Christ in me
Giving me
My victory


The heart is wicked
It misleads all
Telling them
They are nine feet tall

Then pouncing when
Their foolish acts
Produce a life
That has only lack

Christ forgives
He brought you a heart
Full of life
No painful part

Now when evil
Comes your way
Reminding you
It had its say

You can claim
Christ in you
He lives with strength
Forgiving you

Evil cannot win
You are unbeatable when
You yield to Christ
And claim your life in Jesus name


The majesty of the name of the Lord is worthy of my consideration and contemplation. His majesty is the very thing that I can relate to and have a specific feeling about.

I am constantly trying to succeed at things. But it is the failure to succeed that pulls me down and the results of success itself that encourages me to inflate my own estimation of self. Neither is ever correct. Just around the corner from failure is success. Just down the road from success is failure. Humanity lives with this reality. I experience this in my own life.

The Lord has perfect knowledge. He neither overestimates himself nor does He have a poor view of himself. In the midst of His work in me I do not disappoint nor do I elate. Majesty is indeed a proper expression for me of God’s name. My success eternally is a once and for all time choice of Him. When I choose Jesus I choose success.

The Lord sees me complete in Christ. The Father expresses absolute love for me in Christ. I will eternally receive only good from the hand of the Lord. This indeed encourages me to proclaim Majestic is your name o Lord. The Lord is good and is robed in majesty. What a God we serve!


My life was a mess
No place to rest
Everyone hurt me
I couldn’t connect with a soul

All around
Was pretty ground
My heart was bare
The lights a glare

The road ahead
Was dark and a dread
What would I do?
Could I make it through?

Then Christ found me
He heard my plea
He touched my soul
Brought warmth to the cold

My life was renewed
My worth was in view
His plan for me
Not controlled by me history

Each day was new
He rescued me
From a life of pain
A life with no name

He knows my work
He hears my need
Jesus is with me
His plan includes me

Today I count
I can live and be free
Not because of what I have
But because of who has me


What does God look like?
I’ve often asked
If you’ve seen Jesus
Then you know

God is kind
He cares for me
His heart is beating
Inside of me

God is love
He sent His Son
To rescue me
Before my life was done

God is here
He never leaves
I can see His presence
In all I receive

God is protection
He guides my way
Giving me wisdom
Helping me pray

God is warmth
He shelters my soul
From long dark nights
From fear of the unknown

God is value
He listens to me
Letting me ramble
Insuring I am free

God is eternal
I will never leave Him
He is my savior
On this I depend


The church is maligned
It is mistreated and ill defined
Many would destroy it
It is the body of Christ

Men form it
Reform and control it
Seek to hold it
But Christ is its head

Hypocrites join it
Idiots misuse it
Some confuse it
But Jesus always will win

Power for presentation
Community for the desperate
Worker for the needy
Christ’s church will prevail

God inspires it
Christ leads it
People need it
The church belongs to God