Faith is my choice
I can believe in Christ
Faith is available
To claim the Christ like life

Christ is pleased
To hear me believe
Trusting His Word
Opening my heart
Asking to be heard
Knowing He is near
Because my life is dear

Faith is an action
It changes how I live
Jesus gives wisdom
To help me live

Near Him
Knowing Him
Guiding me each day
Because my life is dear

Every step
Every thought
Offered to Him
His life in me

Faith is important
I cannot survive
The morass inside
Without faith in Christ

Jesus helps me see
Reminds me to be
A child of God
His precious child
Able to smile
Because my life is dear

Faith changes everything
Keeping me alive
Through evil’s drive to smear
My life and its year
All I have is Jesus
All I need is His life
Eternity in me
Jesus holds my hand
Leading me home
Because my life is dear

CC 9/4/04