Suffering is a given
Everyone hurts
I choose to live
By the Bible
By the strength Jesus gives
In spite of the pain
That evil deals me
I will live each day
In Christ’s victory
Seeing that pain
Isn’t an indictment of me

Evil comes calling
Seeking to kill
Its favorite target
Is a weak will
And a blind heart
Why me is the wrong line
All people suffer
That’s life
And I am alive
To stand with Christ
Getting good advice
Where to walk
How to grow

Ignorance is man’s excuse
Dead in trespass and sin
Until one comes to Christ
Evil always wins
Pointing a finger at God
Always saying it’s Him
Hurting you more
Because you cannot see
Evil is slavery
You aren’t free

Then Christ comes
You see His hand
A thought of victory
A desire to win
You ask Him in your heart
You bend your knee to Christ
Forgive me Lord
Save me from evil’s device
Christ will save you
Suffering’s hold will be through

9/4/04 Clay Corvin