Jesus is our only hope
Each that asks He saves
A gift of life for any
A way of life for all

Money doesn’t make us
It divides and destroys
Tasting like saltwater
It demands ones soul

Miracles do not save us
Saints are everywhere
Jesus is our Savior
The only way to God

Family isn’t our ticket
Families are a joy
But families are only human
We need a God’s son

Luck is not the measure
Good luck follows some
The day we face destruction
Luck will be undone

Only Christ can save us
He is Lord of all
He has paid our ticket
Jesus is our all

The Lord of Creation
Wrote about His son
The Word of God describes Him
Jesus is the one

Come to Christ your savior
Ask Him for your life
Bend your knee in repentance
The Lord has paid your price

He will be forever
Forever starts today
The Lord of all is with you
When you ask Him for His way

Never more to wander
No longer alone
Evil has no handle
You are God’s own

9/4/04 Clay Corvin