Author - Clay Corvin


1. You have a RELATIONSHIP (VS.1-4)
a. Raised up with Christ-in family
b. Access to the Father
c. New Creatures
d. Kept by God’s power
2. You can live with REALITY (vs. 5-7)
a. Christ is KING
b. Let JESUS live in your life
c. New Life in CHRIST
d. No longer a slave
3. You have a RESPONSIBILITY (vs.8-11)
a. DEAL with your sin-RENEW MIND
b. Deal w/your sin-change your habits
c. Deal w/your sin-change friends
d. FOCUS on Jesus
4. You will have REUNION (vs.12-25)
a. New VIEW of self
b. Love for OTHERS
5. You can expect RELIEF
a. Wisdom to walk
b. Strength to survive
c. Resources to life
d. Forgiveness to serve


I belong to Christ
He died for me
Bought my freedom
On Calvary

He is my Lord
I asked Him in
He gave me new life
Destroyed my slavery to sin

He has lifted me up
Beside His seat
His power complete
I serve His goal

Reaching all the lost
Caring for their pain
Sharing in Jesus name
The victory Christ gave to me

I am not my own
Bought with a price
Christ in me
Seals God’s victory

My daily walk is new
The things I say are too
All I do is Christ’s
He gives me constant advice

His strength to face the world
As difficulties unfurl
I will not be lost
Jesus has a hold on me


All the world
Is standing tall
Worshipping the rich
They think life is forever

Life is but a dream
It passes in the mind
Long, long ago
Was just a moment in time

I belong to Christ
He’s the Lord of life
Eternal life is now
No limping with my vow

Slavery once to sin
Christ is welcome in
Changing all of me
To face the life I live

What I had and did
Put its chains on me
Christ removed my chains
I live in Jesus name


It’s me
Not you
That walks my way
I am the one who must

Every choice I make today
Must be weighed
And true
And just

Wisdom is a daily need
To see the right and wrong
Jesus gives His Word to me
To help me choose the right

Sin is ever present
Seeking to destroy me
I can have Christ’s wisdom
To live a life that’s free

I am responsible
To get with God
To sit and seek His face
And He will give me grace

My life is new
Christ’s light shines true
He would that I do right
And in His strength I can

Again it’s time
Spent with God
That puts His strength in me
So that every day I’m free


You and I were friends
We talked
Our life was good
Then evil came
And we walked away
Hating, ignoring, not good

Christ forgave my sin
He said I was new
I looked and saw
Some things I love
Especially Christ
Who gave me light and life

He said His love
Cleansed my soul
And set me up
As new and whole
And I was His
Valuable again

My value rocked my world
It was different than before
Evil had no platform
Christ in me
Gave strength to me
To be His agent here

I come to you
To tell you true
Jesus is the way
And on my way
I’m asking today
Forgive me from before

I will serve
Jesus work
Whether I see reward
For life is in
The Lord I love
And I will last forever


The day or night is tough
All I do seems wrong
What is after me?
I feel sad and lonely

Then I stop and think
I turn to Christ’s Word
Help me I plea
I know that I am heard

Soon, very soon
My heart and soul respond
His Word is true
Jesus watches out for me

I get to know the Lord
I think of Him
As I walk and live
His Word is in my heart

I have needs
Only He can meet
He sees my soul
And comforts me

His strength is great
His love destroys hate
What I need He gives
Jesus hears me


Ps 112:1 Praise the LORD! How blessed is the man who fears the LORD, Who greatly delights in His commandments.

I want God in my life. I recognize the brevity and tenuousness of life. I have experienced first hand the results of making a poor decision. I want God in my life.

Only I can cultivate the awareness of God in me. It takes intentional thinking. It requires that I get serious about what I am saying to the Lord and that I will take time to listen to Him.

Everything I do must have room for the Lord. What I cannot share with the Lord Jesus potentially has the earmarks of self and sin. When I am obsessed with Jesus nothing else can grab my attention. An obsession with the Lord will be an effective, aggressive activity that combats loneliness, worry, tribulation and addictions.

When I am focused on Jesus I am equipped with a strong defense against the assaults of evil.

HAVE COURAGE-Ephesians 4:13

Stand where you are
Do not bemoan your luck
You are a creation
For good and God’s work

Know that you are beloved
A servant of the Christ
Able to live in joy
You represent the KING

Fighting for the Gospel
Involves great trust
You can’t see the future
And will suffer with us

Remember you’re a visitor
Not here for very long
God is your Father
Heaven is your home

The world condemns your courage
It says grab the gold
Gold is used for streets
Where eternity roams

Telling why you’re faithful
Retelling God’s goal
Puts you in the circle
With Heaven’s boldest souls

Tell and keep on telling
The harvest is for Christ
Courage brings you closer
To the Cross of Jesus Christ


The ways of the Lord are right
Include me in them
Letting Christ control
Giving me His might

I am His to use
His way is complete
Giving me His strength
The Eternal blessing me

The future’s just a cloud
The Father sees it clear
His path gives me grace
The cloud is displaced

Every time I stumble
It’s time to repent
The way is given
His Words are heaven sent

Compounding all my issues
Is wisdom from the world
Am I, Did He confuses
His Word is always sure

Now the day is dawning
I can walk by faith
Faith that Christ still loves me
No matter what comes today


Is required of you
To grow
And be like Christ

Every day is riddled
With sin’s active advice
So that you
Must get before Christ

Live a Holy Life
Ignore the world’s advice
Bend the knee to Christ
And obey His words to you

Time is required
Alone before the Lord
His Word in you
As He listens to you

Speak to the Lord
About your hurts and sin
Ask Him to cleanse
Commit to not sin again

Failure will come
Run to Christ
Forgiveness can win
Ask His advice again

Remember who you are
That Christ died for you
The world doesn’t love you
It only wants a slave

It is a daily life
To be like Christ
Requiring you to change
To live a Holy Life