The world is an evil place
Demanding all you have
Stomping out your wishes
Ending all your dreams

Tough and unforgiving
Never on your side
Taking what you value
Death always abides

Every time you conquer
Failure returns
Reaching out its fingers
Demanding the victory you’ve won

Savoring the moment
We quickly feel the pain
An aging life brings
Time quickly flees

Looking back at moments
As though they were just now
Reliving in a second
All those years we’ve seen

I demand better
I will not quietly die
I want a life forever
Jesus tells me why

Stepping up to the moment
Seizing the life I see
The Lord is here to give me
All the love He has for me

Failure was my posture
Now victory is in me
Jesus lives to conquer
All the failure in me

Clay Corvin 9/18/04