Everywhere I look
Are things I want to do
All those things I shouldn’t
Seek to conquer and rule

Sadly I agree
Sinning again
Wanting my way
Knowing I will pay the price

Heartache and trouble
Fear and strife
Mortgaging my future
Bankrupt by my past

The moment comes
I seize my way
Ignoring Christ
I’ll get help another day

Sin is serious
It destroys me
I’m alone
Fellowship with Christ gone

Forgive me Lord
My heart felt plea
Jesus help me
Make me free

Free of those chains
That weigh so much
Making me weak
Even my head hurts

Come Christ says
Change your ways
Let me lead
Through life’s byways

I followed Him
My sin was gone
Today is life
I’m not alone
Clay Corvin 9/24/04