Life is simple
It’s for me
I am birthed
To live for Thee

Knowing I am heaven sent
Sin destroys heaven’s scent
And life moves me away
Confusing and blinding
Robbing me of say
Pushing me to lose each day

I have life in Christ
He will be my guide
Creating a spiritual side
A relationship with God
Life was a blah
The present is for me
New life in Christ

Living as who I am
Right where I stand
Knowing my worth
The value in God’s plan
Seeing Christ work
In each and every day
Reminding me I have a say
The Lord is alive in me
Christ walks with me
The Lord will bless each day

I can claim Christ’s help
His Word to me is good
Birthed to have His wealth
I live by His life in me
Knowing I am His
Life is simple
The Lord loves me and gives

Clay Corvin 9/25/04

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  • There are times when I don’t bother to open up your good news emails and then when I do…BAM! It is always something that God wants me to hear. Thank you so much for being such much. My daughter who was raped is doing well and has finished school. My husband still needs a job but God has provided by allowing me to teach at a community college.