I hunger Lord to know You
I want to be able to walk
The paths of righteousness
Your prophets walked with You

To see the angels presence
Knowing what You say
Expecting significant miracles
Along my path each day

I find You in surrender
At times when I hurt
Will you let me be used?
Keep me from being a jerk

I don’t want to abuse
The knowledge from Your Word
Speak a strong expression
So that I’ll not miss Your work

Slowing down
I bend my heart
And open both my ears
Hear me Lord as I sit here

Let me see Your presence
Help me do Your work
All I have and all I want
To know You and be Your friend

I want you more than success
The things I have are Yours
Guide me to deeper wisdom
So that fear will flee

I want you more than miracles
I will gladly hold Your hand
As You lead me onward
Towards eternity’s land

Clay Corvin 8/28/04