If I will let Him have me
Christ will use me up
Giving life intensity
That will touch my soul
Beyond my ability to control
And I will see His work
In a way that I cannot explain
His life is to fill me with Him
So that I can be at work
Sharing eternity’s worth
A way to live and be free
Adding all joy and peace
To a life that is full
With people and need
Knowing that Christ
Will send what I need
And yet not able to say
In ways that communicate clear
All that I hold dear
Rest in His hand
Always near

And then a new day begins
What I was no longer is
Christ is at work in me
Moving me to eternity
Reminding me
To bring all I can
They are important to Him
I am His hands and feet
Giving up my demands
Letting Him free my hands
I walk where He says
Speaking His thoughts
Giving to those He calls
God is able
You are in need of Him

No longer counting by sight
The things the world says are might
Christ in me is treasure
His truth is joy
His hand is strength
I am His to use
Eternity is right now
Clay Corvin 8/27/04