Inward I go
To seek and grow
Letting God know
I love Him so
Living with ease
His hand I will please
Giving His place
My focus, His grace
All I have
Has come from Christ
I rejoice
When bitterness laughs
What I have
I freely give
To help each one
I live here with
The world is blind
I must be its eyes
The world is dead
I can offer it life
Simply stated
Christ in me
I can give
To all I see
I’m not the one
The life is in Him
His life in me
Has set me free
And all around
The hurting is great
The slavery they feel
Christ can relate
The victory was won
On Calvary’s tree
His victory is available
To set you free
Claim yours today
Live in victory’s way
Seeking to know
His strength
And in your search
Like me you will find
Life in Christ
Is important for all
Clay Corvin 8/27/04