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A chance
For growth and use
An opportunity
I can reach and hold

Time adversely
Measures out growth
Trying to lull me
To hopeless rote

God rules time
Growth comes from Him
Jesus uses me
And gives me His win

Bold things for Jesus
Help me grow
Live a life of purpose
And God will give growth

It’s much like a circle
All things come around
Service births service
Obedience gets growth

Gideon trembled at the orders
Moses ran away
Abraham lied
I’m in good company

Each gave God the glory
Obedience performed
Willing to die in service
Their chance was formed
Clay Corvin 3/17/04


God is alive
Working in my life
Giving me direction
Guiding me through strife

Giving me His wisdom
To use along the way
So that when needed
I know His way

Careful how I use it
Wisdom from God
It’s not to elevate me
It is a gift for good

People count with Jesus
He uses me to serve
Remember God gives wisdom
So that I live as I should

Wisdom is a blessing
For me and all I touch
Jesus uses me
To care for the weak and hurt
Clay Corvin 03/17/04


Special little places
Seen through active eyes
Off the beaten path
Coming alive as we pass

A garden of roses
Cobbled stones
A treasure through a key hole
St. Peter’s gorgeous dome

Rome is full
Of special blessings
If we look
And feel the touch of time

So many things
We walk by
Often holding gold
Stop and let its story unfold

Hurrying along
No special things
Walking away
Disappointed by the day

Then thru a friends eye
A story is told
That stone has a history
Now it is known

As I walk back alone
I treasure things known
I alone have seen
This very special place
Clay Corvin 3/17/04


Miracles march
Thru our lives
Unbidden and silent
Gifts of care from Christ

Yet guiding our steps
Touching our hearts
Lifting spirits quietly

And yet we don’t believe
They happen to us
We discuss
What others get

We don’t see
The gifts we get
We only see God’s blessings
Touching other’s lives   
resting from a lot of walking

Perspective is the key
Knowing we are loved
Assured of His presence
Feeling our worth

Miracles are all around
Those in us abound
Our Father is active
Working in our lives
Clay Corvin 03/17/04


Is anything too hard for God?
Is my life a test to prove?
That God can use a weakling

I whine and moan
My selfish needs
In spite of the pain I see

God has a plan to use me
If I will let Him make me
Useable for His work

My view is always clouded
I cannot see ahead
Fear and ignorance sidetrack me

My Father knows the future
He knows what I can do
And His plan is suited for me

The Father loves me
Christ is in me
The Holy Spirit guiding me

Jesus knows my heart
If I will let go
Christ will equip me

Obedience is required
Questions aren’t the key
Willingness empowers me

Nothing is too hard for God
He can prove it in my life
If I will live like Christ
Clay Corvin 3/16/04

Carla “Contessa de Guide”

Carla, you have blessed us
As you have shown us Rome
We owe you admiration and respect
Thank you for helping us see Rome

We’ve grown with you teaching
Our hearts are filled with thoughts
We wanted to tell you
That you have blessed our souls

You are a gifted guide
Insightful and skilled
At leading groups through history
And through the Roman hills

You bring life to your subject
Your animation enlightened us
Grabbing our attention
Encouraging us

A bright and shining teacher
An outstanding, capable guide
Who inspires her pupils
To think and grow wise

Sensitive to our questions
Equipped to discuss your Rome
You prepared our minds
So that we could walk and see your home

Strong and energetic
Flexible and tireless
You invested your heart
Thank you for your time

Carla of Rome
You are a Contessa de Guide!
We will not forget you
You’ve blessed our time in Rome

Clay Corvin 3/23/04


A million things to do
Before I get to you
To see the march of time
Knowing Christian’s call

Reaching through the haze
The future holds our days
Planning for each thought
Before I get to Rome

Bags packed and repacked
All my work is done
Now I change my thoughts
The journey is the Lord’s

I know what I would like
I’m looking for new growth
A stronger walk with Him
Insight on my faults

People count with God
Yet life is full of fluff
Things I do that sidetrack
Jesus call is to you

Help me hear Your Word
Guide me to grow
I want to see Jesus
In all that I know
Clay Corvin 3/16/04


Paul was standing there
Seeing all the pain
Knowing Rome’s fame
Realizing his life was at an end

Yet Paul loved Christ
He listened to His advice
Obedient to the last
Living under God’s control

Often left alone
Feeling fear’s cold hand
Bending his heart to Christ
Living as Jesus called

He talked a lot with Christ
Even made mistakes
But Paul never erred long
His focus was on God’s throne
That was the place he called home
Jesus never left him alone

Everything Paul did
Was done before the Lord
Trusting in God’s Word
Claiming strength from Him

At last Paul’s battle done
He summoned all his friends
Telling them all Christ had done
Calling them to follow Him

Clay Corvin 3/16/04


Seven, oath
Both apply
Water gives it life
This desert land of promise

Abraham and other patriarchs
Lived and learned
Faith and witness
God is one

Then the days
Rulers came
Worshipping things of death
Ignoring God’s claim

Promise claimed
The victory flamed
Then quickly died away
Yet ever Israel’s southern song

Change, change
Kings came
People denied
Beersheva lost its fame

Remember Christ
He knows your name
His oath to you
Will never change

Clay Corvin


Pilgrimage for me
Walking in His steps
Coming home to see
Exactly what He did for me

More than just a sense
The dust and air declare
His Words tell the truth
It happened right there

Pictures in my mind
Draw me from the page
To see the way He lived
Speaks volumes to me

Every where I go
Jesus is with me
Israel helps me know
Through pictures Christ will show

For just a moment
We walk through five thousand years
Touching, feeling, seeing
The activity of God’s Word

Knowing His plan for me
Seeing His reality
I bow and pray
Lord use me

His thoughts
His pain
His love
My gain

Clay Corvin

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