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Carla “Contessa de Guide”

Carla, you have blessed us
As you have shown us Rome
We owe you admiration and respect
Thank you for helping us see Rome

We’ve grown with you teaching
Our hearts are filled with thoughts
We wanted to tell you
That you have blessed our souls

You are a gifted guide
Insightful and skilled
At leading groups through history
And through the Roman hills

You bring life to your subject
Your animation enlightened us
Grabbing our attention
Encouraging us

A bright and shining teacher
An outstanding, capable guide
Who inspires her pupils
To think and grow wise

Sensitive to our questions
Equipped to discuss your Rome
You prepared our minds
So that we could walk and see your home

Strong and energetic
Flexible and tireless
You invested your heart
Thank you for your time

Carla of Rome
You are a Contessa de Guide!
We will not forget you
You’ve blessed our time in Rome

Clay Corvin 3/23/04


A million things to do
Before I get to you
To see the march of time
Knowing Christian’s call

Reaching through the haze
The future holds our days
Planning for each thought
Before I get to Rome

Bags packed and repacked
All my work is done
Now I change my thoughts
The journey is the Lord’s

I know what I would like
I’m looking for new growth
A stronger walk with Him
Insight on my faults

People count with God
Yet life is full of fluff
Things I do that sidetrack
Jesus call is to you

Help me hear Your Word
Guide me to grow
I want to see Jesus
In all that I know
Clay Corvin 3/16/04


Paul was standing there
Seeing all the pain
Knowing Rome’s fame
Realizing his life was at an end

Yet Paul loved Christ
He listened to His advice
Obedient to the last
Living under God’s control

Often left alone
Feeling fear’s cold hand
Bending his heart to Christ
Living as Jesus called

He talked a lot with Christ
Even made mistakes
But Paul never erred long
His focus was on God’s throne
That was the place he called home
Jesus never left him alone

Everything Paul did
Was done before the Lord
Trusting in God’s Word
Claiming strength from Him

At last Paul’s battle done
He summoned all his friends
Telling them all Christ had done
Calling them to follow Him

Clay Corvin 3/16/04


Seven, oath
Both apply
Water gives it life
This desert land of promise

Abraham and other patriarchs
Lived and learned
Faith and witness
God is one

Then the days
Rulers came
Worshipping things of death
Ignoring God’s claim

Promise claimed
The victory flamed
Then quickly died away
Yet ever Israel’s southern song

Change, change
Kings came
People denied
Beersheva lost its fame

Remember Christ
He knows your name
His oath to you
Will never change

Clay Corvin


Pilgrimage for me
Walking in His steps
Coming home to see
Exactly what He did for me

More than just a sense
The dust and air declare
His Words tell the truth
It happened right there

Pictures in my mind
Draw me from the page
To see the way He lived
Speaks volumes to me

Every where I go
Jesus is with me
Israel helps me know
Through pictures Christ will show

For just a moment
We walk through five thousand years
Touching, feeling, seeing
The activity of God’s Word

Knowing His plan for me
Seeing His reality
I bow and pray
Lord use me

His thoughts
His pain
His love
My gain

Clay Corvin


Comparing greatness
Fails to show
How great our God
We just don’t know

Little minds
Confined by time
Little arms
That fail to find

Living here
We think control
But little things
Upset our souls

How can we?
Plumb the depths
Or reach beyond
The stars that shine

God is great
God is good
Christ died for us
So He would be understood

Clay Corvin


Listen as the Lord speaks
Heed the words He says
Stand still as He honors you
His grace will make you real

Be not filled with a lying heart
Let your sin go by
Each of us is subject to
An inner drive to hurt

This is the day of joy and peace
Now is the time to claim
All the Christ is offering you
Quit blaming others, that is so lame

Be the one that bends the knee
Heed the words He says
For words from God are very strong
Giving strength to live

Do not let the enemy
Tell you you don’t count
Jesus death has paid your price
Your life is a gift from God

Walk on through this life with love
Whatever your place might be
Knowing that the Lord of all
Is with you each step of the way

Listen as the Lord speaks
His love is aimed at you
Live your life abundantly
Jesus will see you through

Clay Corvin 12/15/06



What makes a man twelve feet tall?
Money or wealth or people he can call?
Or may it be the things he’s done
For family and friends and others

What makes a man twelve feet tall?
Looming over others that claim their all
Is it not the gentle way he lives
Or is it the way he gives
Giving of self beyond request
Giving in life all his best
Giving his wife and children his life
Giving to Christ his focus and all
To be used up in every respect
To help each one find their place

What makes a man twelve feet tall?
We see so few it’s hard to know
But in my heart I feel the truth
A man this size is God’s blessing to you
One that walks his path with Christ
One that lives each day as his last

Charles Senior was just such a man
Each one that knows him felt his hand
A hand of strength
A heart of gold
A life of love andA legend that grows
For all his life he lived his best
Christ his life
A man twelve feet tall

I love you Chuck- your dad is the best-and now he is with his Master


Very God
Very man
Jesus came
So I would know
That God is in control
His grace enough for me
I am not alone
His love abounds for free

So much in life
Confounds my mind
So often I feel pain
But He has walked
The land I walk
Felt the strain on me
Declaring I am free
His blood the payment for me

Little mind
Little man
So hard to comprehend
But when the Lord
Came down to me
His action showing me
How deep and wide
His love was for me

Calling me to service
Calling me to yield
And in this serving
Yielding mode
I find my strength
To tell and show
Abundant life that gives
So everyone will know

Jesus is for each and all
His love so deep and true
In Christ is value
Strength and grace
Guiding all to know
A quality of life like His
People seek to have
And Jesus gives for free

Clay Corvin 11/29/06


I look at life
Thru eyes of pain
Bemoaning all my heartache
Why me I complain?

Standing with the Lord of Hosts
I’m reminded of His strength
All the power He will give
If I will ask Him how to live

Turning from the fear and dread
Those evil days condoned
Knowing now I’m not alone
Jesus has made me His own

Let the history fall away
Today begins a brand new way
Drop the thoughts condemning me
Jesus Christ has set me free

Now is when my heart is free
Joy and peace roll over me
Christ is King and Lord of all
Obeying Him is key

To live a life direct from Christ
Giving me eternal advice
So that I can be
The that He created me

Facing days of trouble and strife
I bend my knee to the eternal Christ
Standing up with courage
I can be the one I see

My life is His in me
Freedom reigns and service gains
The world cannot defeat me
Jesus Christ is Lord of me

Clay Corvin

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