KIDRON VALLEY (Jeremiah 31:40)

We walked across the Kidron Valley
By the tomb of Absalom
Up the other side towards the Temple Mount
It was very tiring and demanding

Judas kissed Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane
The soldiers took Jesus
Walking him across the Kidron Valley
To the house of Caiaphas

Weakened by aggressive prayer
Jesus was strong enough to walk across the valley
Up the Roman stepped way
Presenting himself at the house of Caiaphas

The Kidron was the city cemetery by the time of Josiah
It is important in some apocalyptic literature
It is a wide, dark place that even today is somewhat rugged
Behold days are coming when it will be Holy to the Lord

The impossible is easy for God
What we cannot do, what we cannot imagine
Is prophesied by the Servant of God
Jesus takes us from where we are and makes us Holy

Clay Corvin March 25, 2008