Jesus died for me
Setting me free
A claim that lays a claim on me
Some things really matter

The Lord is the focus of life
Jesus is the Lord of life
I am His committed servant
He said: “follow me”

People count with Jesus
People count with me
People are eternal
The Gospel is Good News for you and me

Love is meant to grow
Love is what I do
An action that demands my best
Christ is love and He knows best

Prayer is a part of growth
The Holy Spirit leads my way
Helping me to grow
Jesus is the way

His Word, my walk
Storing what He said to me
His Word changes what I see and think and feel
My goal is love that grows

A focused life controlled by Christ
Gives confidence for each day
Standing against the worlds way
Certainty in an uncertain world

Clay Corvin April 4, 2008