Praise God for He is worthy of praise
He seeks to protect me
He is my rock, my fortress, my savior
I can know Him and fellowship with Him
Strength comes from knowing Him
I will follow Him every day

Life jumped on me today
My heart melted in my chest
My feet felt like cement blocks
Oh Lord destruction has seized me
My God hears me cry out
He responds to meet my need

One moment I’m overwhelmed
The Lord responds to me
My heart is encouraged
Nothing has changed except
I know my Lord is in control
He will not let destruction sweep over me

Jesus is my Savior
His presence in my life is real
Greater is He that is in me
Than the one that is in the world
I am not alone, I have value and worth
The Lord is looking out for me

My life is a choice
I can throw up my hands and deny the Lord
Suffering will never leave me, evil seeks to control me
I can bend the knee to Jesus, my savior
He will uphold me, He will spend time with me
Jesus the Lord will give me a life of joy and peace, My life is a choice

Clay Corvin February 26, 2012