Hello it’s ME
I was thinking about you
How much I loved you
I’m here for you every time you need me

I know you need me
Much more than you realize
Chaos and trouble will follow you
Things your brain cannot synthesize

Call me when you need me
Yell as loud as you want
I will respond instantaneously
You never have to fear I won’t

When you cry out
I will touch your heart with knowledge
You will know I am there with you
You will experience a knowing you cannot explain

It seems like a miracle to you
Sometimes you may doubt that I will come through
I will I promise you that I will answer
Pray to me now and later and tomorrow and all the time

I will tell you what you need to know
You will have a deep understanding of life
Here it is: I am in Control and you belong to me
Real confidence, nothing can take you away from me

One more word to you
I will never turn my back on you
Take the uncertainty of life with all of its chaos and set it down
Spend time with me so that you will know what to do

Every day with Jesus
Is sweeter than the day before
Every day you are stronger
To face your life where you are in Jesus way

Clay Corvin August 28, 2010