Enemies cannot conquer you
JESUS is our rock, our stronghold, our savior
You choose to lose
If you take the road of violence
Vengeance belongs to the Lord

Failure will not claim you
As long as the Lord is your shield
He will take you on the road to victory
Shepherding everyday
Holding His shield over your head, you will win

All around the world implodes
Evil has a stranglehold
Yet it cannot take you down
Jesus is able and He will deliver you
Do not fret or fear for Jesus is near and He loves you

There will be hard days
Sometimes it will look as though there is no way out
Darkness cannot defeat light
Christ is the light, He shines in our life
Showing us the way, one step at a time, He is our light and life

Enemies will come and go
Heartache will always be with us
Do not fade away, stand strong in the Lord
He will help you every day
Jesus is our victory

Clay Corvin February 25, 12