God is in all and over all
Creator, binder, facilitator
Equipper, usurper, finisher
All that is comes from God
All that will be is known to God

God before, now and forever
Nothing surprises Him
Nothing can escape Him
His law is perfect
He restores our soul

God speaks and it is complete
His Words make the simple wise
What God does is right
His Word brings life and light
His decisions are always correct

God permits us to know Him
He sent Jesus, His Son, to explain
What we could not understand
This is what God looks like
In Word and Deed

Jesus is seeking you now
You are not alone
The Lord values you
Accept His offer
Ask Jesus to come into your life

The Lord will keep you in the family
You have His solemn promise
Nothing can separate you from the love of God
Be about the master’s business
Life is fulfilled in serving Christ
Clay Corvin June 30, 2011