WHO Romans 1:1-7

Who was Paul?
In the family of God
Why should the Romans receive him?
I’m glad to share with you
Paul was a believer in a personal relationship with God

A bond slave
Totally committed to Christ
Eternally bound in Christ to the Father
Willingly giving up control to Christ
Bending his knee in servitude he lived by grace
Jesus was all and in all to Paul

An apostle called by Christ for service
God did the calling
God calls each one of us to service
Giving us the ability to accomplish His task
You are included in God’s gifting of skill
Paul’s work was in Christ’s power for God

Sent by God to do the work of Christ in the world
Proclaiming the Good News to everyone
We are no long bound in slavery to sin
Christ breaks the chains and sets the captives free
A message from God for all people
Paul was sold out to promote Christ

Saint of God
As such we are
Leaning towards God in all we do
Having fellowship in Christ and with the Father
Never again being alone
Knowing Jesus loves us
Therefore we live to serve

Clay Corvin June 25, 2011