Do not be afraid
Where you stand
What you face
The Lord your God is with you
He has been where you are going
He will go there with you

A promise from the Lord
He knows what we are facing
He will not abandon us
He will not leave us at the mercy of the evil one
He is with us and knows our weakness
He will deliver us from our fear

Thank you Lord for all you do
Thank you Lord for the life you gave for me
Thank you Lord for Your promises true
Walking with me is a joy I can relish
Talking with me more than I can comprehend
Thank you Lord for all of your kindnesses to me

Thank you Lord for your victory on the Cross
It brings me power and protection and I rejoice
You are worthy Lord of all of my praise
Thank you Lord for equipping me today
The enemy is in Your grasp
I can live my life in peace and protection

I will live my life committed to praising You
Everyday I will submit my cares to You
I will believe Your promise of Your presence and protection
I will count my blessings and the wonderful life You make for me
The enemy will seek to destroy me
Thanks be unto God that I am safe in Thee

Clay Corvin June 4, 2011