Ask Jesus to forgive your sin
Salvation the result
Your journey begins
Walking pathways led by God
Partners in ministry
Life in Christ begun

Today, the next day hence every day
I depend on Jesus
My journey involves my change
How will I combat sin, especially my sin?
Will I let the Spirit guide me?
Only in Jesus will I find strength for the day

The battle rages in the spiritual realm
Whether I believe it or not
The evil one is seeking a hold
Striving to grab my attention
Pull me away from Jesus control
Lord help me grow, make me a blessing today

Change is so hard
I must be willing to suffer
Bending my knee in Jesus name
My life in Christ’s control
Setting aside my demands
I willingly listen to the Lord and do what He says

Serving Christ is a challenge
Every day of my life I am confronted
Will I let the Lord control or demand my way and fail today
Taking the bumps and pain of a Christ centered life
I claim His peace and live sustained by His grace
Jesus is my life

Clay Corvin May 21, 2011