I feel like a failure
Standing alone
I did what I said I wouldn’t do
Now I’m blue
I want to know YOU Lord

You love me
Your Word declares that truth
Forgiveness and reconciliation are part of Your love
Obedience is required
But Your love for me trumps my failure

Thank you Lord
I can stand by your strength
I don’t have to fail
If I keep my eyes on you
Your deliverance never fails

I believe Lord
That you have saved me
From being what I was-dead in my trespasses and sin
To what I am-alive in Christ and part of your family
Always, once and forever, never again alone

You own me
I was bought with a price
The life of Jesus paid my bill
Now I belong to YOU
Forever and forever

God’s Word
Christ’s sacrifice
Holy Spirit indwelling
The Word of God in my heart
Four steps to success for Godly living

I feel like a failure
But I am not alone
I belong to Jesus
When the emotion comes I pull away
To spend time with Jesus to conquer this day

Clay Corvin May 28, 2011