Wisdom and truth stand the test of time
Great the one that listens
Seldom far from Jesus side
The godly man is blessed

The wise one
Does not listen to the ungodly
No matter how curious their offer
The ungodly do not know what they are doing

When evil comes calling
Do not walk with it
Run away
For evil will soon have you

Avoid the perils of those who hate God
Do not act like them
Do not accept their view of the world
Ask the Lord to give you the right view-God loves you

Learn to rejoice where you are
Let God’s Word have your full attention
Claim God’s promises
Read God’s Word-His wisdom will guide your steps

The wise one will lead a life of prosperity
His life will be filled with abundance
Worry will not come calling
Life will be God’s adventure

The foolish one leaves God out of his life
He ignores God and trusts in his own understanding
Evil pervades all that is done
He is at the mercy of the prince of the power of the air

His way is doomed
His life is lost
Eternity will not be known
He will perish as the grass in the sun

There are two ways
The way of the cross-the narrow way
The way of the curse-the broad and popular way
Be careful how you choose for your life depends on it

Jesus says “no man cometh to the Father but by me”
When we accept Jesus we are numbered with the Godly
Christ will direct our path
The way of the Godly shall not perish

Clay Corvin July 9, 2011