PROBLEMS? 2 Sam. 22:1-20

Jesus deals with our enemies
Crack, stealing, lying, hate, fear, loneliness, etc.
Enemies all and conquered only by the power of the Lord
Do not think that you can do it by yourself
Only Jesus can conquer the enemy

The world says I can do it
Be strong, suck it up, walk this way
You can for awhile, but worldly strength fades
One day you will walk where others take you
One day you will go to the grave

Jesus saves us from the violence
The enemy brings
So common everywhere
Troubles have no care
Destroying far and near

Christ steps in and gives us a protected place
We can live His way
He is our rock He protects us
He is our shield He is our only hope
Jesus is our Savior, He loves us, He values our life

Today go to Jesus
Ask Him to help you know Him
Build your relationship day by day
Spend time with Jesus
Christ will draw near to you

What do you need today?
If you know Jesus He can help you along life’s way
His love, power, mercy and grace will carry you
Get to know the Lord
He will rescue you every time life attacks you

Clay Corvin
July 16, 2011…