Time is in my hand?
Why would I think that?
I have no control over anything
Including my birth, my life and my death

The world seeks to claim it knows
It absolutely doesn’t
Look at the role of history
Lurching from battle to battle
Fear and ignominy on the loose
Evil with the upper hand
Mankind working under a burden of desperation

Jesus appears on the scene
He says He is God
Miracles, service, perfection, God’s wondrous Son
Dies for my sin, your sin
Resurrected from the grave by the power of God
Jesus says He changes everything

No longer are we in slavery to sin
He breaks our bonds and sets us free
Evil and desperation put to flight
He gives us His joy and peace, His righteousness
God our Father welcomes us with open arms
We have relationship and fellowship with Him

Jesus will direct our path
He gives us value and worth
His confidence permeates our life
No longer alone, we belong
Christ has a plan for our life
We don’t know the day or the hour but Jesus will be there when we die
Christ will take us into the presence of God our Father
We will live in eternity with Him

Clay Corvin July 30, 2011