We are traveling through Italy in a very short time; we’ve seen history in a capsule
Yet it has touched us as we’ve walked Venetian streets, canals everywhere
History has put its hand on our shoulder as we’ve reveled in the Renaissance
Now we turn our thoughts back to Rome, our home on this trip

So many things to love in Rome, this eternal city, more than 2,700 years old
In the middle the Catholic Church, unlike any, amazing history, powerful
But we aren’t seeking power; we are enjoying Rome, this precious place
The Lancelot beckons, fellowship meals, and the secrets Carla will unfold

Three more days to see histories ways, in Rome, with our hearts full and feet weary
The day will unfold our return on the train and walks in pastel streets, I love them
Pictures to take and buildings to wake, I am going to see all I can in Rome
For too soon, we will be gone, back to home, our beloved home and not in Rome

Clay Corvin