I love the morning at the Lancelot, walking out the gate to the street
Turning left and seeing the Coliseum, strong, old, used
The picture is commanding, uplifting, and controls the sky
Just a few blocks from where I’m standing thousands of people died

I like the sense of space; everything seems so calm
Two thousand years ago, gladiators trained here, and plied their trade
Now there are restaurants, stores, homes, hotels, normal things
I can feel the energy in the air; now I’m headed to the sights

Thinking about where we are and what we are doing requires us to stop and focus
We are finishing an Italian tour, still some things to do, but what an experience
We have so many pictures, emotions, and bits of history tumbling in our heads
Today we will remember and grab hold of these waning hours

Fellowship with friends is sweet, especially at meals and on trains
Thoughts for now and then are important to keep
We will take in all of Rome and add Venice and Florence
And soon when we are gone we will remember walking out the gate to the street

Clay Corvin